Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Drip!

It's my favorite time of year... The time of year here where Everything
that isn't blooming is Dripping in a million shades of green. The house does
not excite me... Never has. And, if it fell down tomorrow morning I would
not mind one bit. As long as I had already left for work it could fall. But the
English boxwood hedge he planted especially for me and the Japanese maples,
his lawn and little Crabapple tree... Well, these are things I can't live without
Now this... This excites and Calms me all at the same time! 
Everywhere I wander there is something to see
We drove by an old garden shop being Torn down and asked
the Contractor what he planned to do with this gorgeous arbor
standing by the gate. He said he would allow us to Haul it off
for $50. We couldn't pay him fast enough! Especially after we
noticed the $695 price tag on it. It's one of my Favorite finds!
And this rose does it justice!
Or maybe it's the Arbor that does the rose justice...
Whichever it is, I just love them both!
Especially right now!
The hostas and Ferns down by the koi pond are so very back!
The pond iris seems to have Sprung up overnight!
If I could bottle this, I bet it could be
prescribed to Lower blood pressure!
Easy seeing green...
Because it's everywhere!
Plants are Cool!
Ferns amaze me!
I told him my Phlox-hill still needs more phlox!
Otherwise, everything else he's doing around here is Fine!
Well, except for that Chicken coop I still need!


  1. Green indeed! I may be a little "green" myself over those roses! pretty!

  2. What a beautiful place! You'll have to set up an "outside" patio kitchen so you can get your baking done outside. ha! I think it would be VERY hard to pull me away from the yard if I lived there. Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy!


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