Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is how I Bake from Now on!

I couldn't wait to get Home tonight to bake the Cookie dough I mixed up yesterday. I could hear the sweet, chilling Dough calling my name all day... Come bake me, Janet - So I did!

Now, I don't know whether or not Chilling the dough 24-36 hours before baking made my Cookies taste any better, mainly because this was my first attempt at making Alexis's chocolate chip cookies so I've never tasted them any other way... But I can tell you Two things. First, these cookies are Amazing and second, I enjoyed this baking Experience much more than past Baking exercises because I was fresh and ready to Go this time! Usually, by the time I've finished mixing up my dough I'm over the whole process and would Prefer to move on to something else (like a a nap!) instead of babysitting the oven a Few more hours. However, this Mixing on one day and Baking the cookies on the second day was Much, much more Fun. Truthfully, I'll never make and bake cookies on the Same day again!

Dough and tools ready to bake
out into 2-3 ounce balls so I wasn't sure which Scoop to use...
Perfect dough, ready to Go
So I measured out 3 ounces of Dough and decided to just Bake
six cookies first to test timing and spread. One thing this recipe
is not Shy about is letting you know these cookies WILL spread!
And, boy-Howdy, did they Ever spread - Wow!
the full Pound of butter in this recipe becomes Evident the moment you slide the cookies
off the end of the Spatula. These cookies are thin, chewy and oh, so very, Very delicious!
If you enjoy a cookie that is Chocolaty-good and sticks to your teeth, this is It!
A fellow Blogger and friend at Work asked me to let her know how these Cookies
turn out so I thought I would do one Better and bring her some. Finally! A use
for those Bright cellophane gift bags I picked up last Summer... I'd prefer a bag more
Holiday-appropriate, but Hey! It's late, and I have a Ton of cookies to bake
I switched to the Small scoop but realized it was Too small
All you need is an Ice-cold glass of milk... The brown Sugar makes this
cookie taste like Carmel candy... And the chocolate, well, it's just Ghirardelli-good!
Waaay too big, much too big, Just right and too
small... It took Me a while, but I figured it out!
The just Right scoop turned out to be the Perfect size for my gift bags!
There were more Cookies on this rack before I took this photo but someone
keeps coming into the Kitchen to liberate them... He says he doesn't
want to me encounter any Storage-issues by having too many cookies to put away.
Boy, I'll tell you, I am married to the Most thoughtful husband, ever!
When you Try this recipe, and you will! Remember that the trick to this
is to allow the cookies to cool a Few minutes on the parchment paper before you
Attempt to move them to your cooling rack. If you try to move them Before
they've Cooled a bit, they will tear. Leaving the cookies to Cool on the hot
Baking sheet will continue to cook them so do Remove them from the sheet
and let your cookies Chill-out on a dish towel on your counter, like this:
Now for the Heath Toffee cookies... Same scoop, same Perfect results
These cookies are SO good! I did add the Walnuts called for in the recipe
but I can imagine adding a little Chocolate instead, or in Addition to!
I didn't care for the Twist-ties that came with these Gift bags so I went in Search of
something better to use... Now, I don"t have a Crafty bone in my body, but I do have
a Fairly nice, albeit Very old collection of rubber stamps, some Equally old stamp pads and
a huge Box of toe-tags... I bought the toe-tags a Few years ago after I paid $4.00 for two
toe-tag gift tags at the Tancredi & Company in Carmel Valley. They had Thank You stamped
on them and I used them to tie around bottles of John Pisto's seafood/meat rub and Pasta
seasoning I brought back to my Bosses to thank them for allowing me to fly out to Monterey
(with not much notice) to be with my Mom while she had shoulder surgery. It was one of those
things you buy, Thinking, I could make those myself... And, tonight, I did! Toe-tag gift tags...
They're a Good Thing, as the Fabulous Martha would say!

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