Friday, December 19, 2008

It pays to Wake up before noon...

My intended mission today, on my day Off, was to Find linen dinner napkins to match  the new formal Christmas dinnerware I found. However, getting out of bed proved to be more of a Challenge this morning than expected... Clean sheets and a crisp Duvet, the warm breeze coming through the Window and the sound of leaves blowing around in the driveway below just wouldn't let me Rise and shine! By the time I did Wake, it was 11:38... 

Fortunately for me, a little Before noon in North Carolina is only a little before nine o'clock in California because when I logged onto Pottery, I found that so long as my order for their Monogrammed dinner napkins was placed by 9AM, PST today, I could still have them before Christmas - Yea! No getting out of Bed on my day off and best of all, No mall crowd! I will have my dinner Napkins by Christmas Eve, and I'm still in bed with Bing! I'd like to get up now because I'm feeling a little Hungry; but as you can see, Bing just got Comfy and there's no way I have the Heart to move him!

Bing just settled in Between my knees...
He just got more Comfy now, so there's no hope of Moving myself!
Oh, Very comfy!
I may have to Follow his lead and take a Little nap too!

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