Monday, December 22, 2008

Lunch at Salem Tavern

It's no secret that one of my Favorite places to visit here is Old Salem. Walking the cobbled streets of Old Salem kinda-sorta reminds me of Old Germany and the school trip we took to the Fuggerei in Augsburg when I was only in the Third grade. While the Beautiful city where I was born was founded in 15BC, and the Fuggerei I toured as a little girl was established in 1521, Old Salem came along a bit later, in 1750 - Nevertheless, Old Salem is long on Charm, and rich in colonial American history.

I especially enjoy our visits to Old Salem during springtime when everything is Blooming and especially on Easter morning for their Sunrise service on God's acre; and, of course, another favorite time is during Christmas for Candle Tea. So imagine how Delighted I was to be invited to lunch today at Salem Tavern at Old Salem. Yes! One of the Directors for our group, someone I now officially support since the latest reorg, took his Team out for a holiday lunch at the Tavern to thank them for all they do - and, he invited Me.

Just between you and me, the people that work for Steve are some of the most Talented and hardworking people I've ever met... And, the Truth is, I don't do anything at all compared to what they do to Benefit this business so I couldn't help but feel like a Poser among them. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to get a chance to dine at the Tavern at Old Salem and quite honored to be Included in their group!

We went from 70 degrees to below Freezing over the
weekend so there was a Holiday chill in the air as we arrived
the Tavern is a perfect mix of Rustic charm
and old English and colonial American sophistication
On the way Up the stairs to our dining room on the second
floor I noticed this High chair in the corner on the Landing
half of our Bunch - clockwise bottom left: Dave Monteith,
Susan Rothrock, Melissa Robertson and Kevin Adams
I had the Grilled chicken sandwich with Fontina cheese,
prosciutto, and the Best pesto aioli I've ever had!
Dave had the Pot roast with Rosemary-red wine gravy
Kevin had the Moravian-Style Meatloaf
And, this is the double-crusted, Moravian chicken pie
Dinner at the Tavern is served by Candlelight so I'll be
bringing Wonderhubby out to dinner here Very soon!
After our lunch, Melissa and I couldn't leave Old Salem
without a trip through the Moravian book and Gift shop!
I could spend all day in this Shop - so much to See!
... Including this beautiful North Carolina pottery!
You'll have to wait until I get my Christmas dinner table set
to see what I picked out for myself... I love it! And, with a small
Donation of some non-perishable canned food, I got 20% off!

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