Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008

This is how My day began... I opened my eyes this afternoon to my
Bing-kitty sitting on my dresser next to the Bed staring down at me...
... as if to say, Hey! It's almost one o'clock, are we Getting up any time soon?
No, really... You see there are Birdies outside waiting for me,
so Might you please come downstairs and open the Solarium door
and maybe drop a Scoop of food in my dish along the way?
So I did... I fed Mr. Bing and let him out into his Solarium so he
could Watch the birds from high atop his new Perch
before we Left I put a treat up there. Look at his back feet
coming Off the table... Bing kinda looks like a Ballerina kitty! 
Treat's all gone... time to Go back and check out Mom for more
and, this is Where we left him... 
Last day of the month on my Inspection sticker so we had to cruise over to 
the Inspection station to have the truck inspected. Not as much Fun as you'd think;
however, since the state of North Carolina lacks a sense of humor about expired inspections,
we Decided to make some Time for it in our lazy, do-nothing-on-the-Last-day-of-the-year, day
they were Smoking in the waiting room (PU!) and I had to yell out at the Boss-man to
stop him from actually Hopping his butt into my truck with his lit cigarette (which he snuffed out
put away into his shirt pocket - Ewwww!) so I decided to brave the Cold wind in exchange for Fresh air
and Remained outside until they finished my truck. After I yelled at the guy for almost getting into my Truck while smoking, Wonderhubby pretended not to know me so I was pretty much on my own. But I make no apologies...  After all, no one has ever smoked in my truck and I just washed my jacket and scarf in mountain fresh Downey last night so that's all I wanted to smell in my truck today! Besides, I'm the customer... Right?   
so I stood outside and Chatted with the worker-Guys who did
a Great job getting us Out of there in record time. Thanks, boys!
Usually, we avoid the Mall but after Brandon called to tell us about a
problem he had today with his Recruiter, we decided to drop in at his office,
which is Located at Hanes Mall. After we worked things out with Sgt. Sanders
we took a little Stroll through the mall and stopped to Watch these kids bouncing up
and down on Rubber bands. What a great Gimmick this is... $12 to hook your Kid into a 
sling-shot for 5 minutes. Why didn't I think of this? Parents were lined up for the opportunity!
And, the Kids love it!
kinda fun to Watch too...
on our Way back out, past the recruiting offices... There's Sgt. Sanders sitting
in the window. Next time we see him is Wednesday at MEPS in Charlotte. Sigh...
I've been on the Hunt for Jim Shore Christmas ever since I saw
Shelley's collection, and was Thrilled to find these 3 pieces today
There is a tall Santa that I may have to
go back for, if it's still there on Friday
the Nativity angel was a Must-have! I've never seen it before
and Knew that if I didn't grab her today I may not ever have another
chance. Of course, I love the two Santa pieces I got too!
love, Love, love them!
And, that's how 2008 ends for Us. The boys are both out doing
their own thing... Brandon's in Greensboro with friends, and William
is over at Hanna's house with her family and we're at home watching
movies at home with Bing. Winter finally found us today so the Heater is
cranking, the Fireplace is on and the hot tub is Warming up for our midnight soak
Happy New Year!

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