Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shopping, baking and Cooking!

This Fourth Sunday of Advent found us out of bed before noon (shocking, I know!) and Shopping for more Christmas! Inspired by a gift I was given last week, I decided to Go back for a Nativity scene I saw a couple of weeks ago and while I picked that up, I noticed a German nutcracker I couldn't live without. Now, I'm not new to the Nutcracker thing... Born and raised and done my share of Kris Kringle marts in Germany, I know Nutcrackers, but usually they Creep me out so I've never, Ever felt compelled to have one... Until this morning when I saw this one! You know how much I love, Love, love German mushrooms so this mushroom Nutcracker was a must have! I will resist the Urge to make this the beginning of a Serious nutcracker collection (no, really!) and will do my Best to allow my Nutcracker to remain an Only child!

The gift that Inspired this morning's shopping Spree is an Angel given to me by one of the sweetest bosses I've ever had the pleasure of working for. Over the three years I worked for her, Shelley has always presented me with the most meaningful Gifts and this Christmas was no different... What is it? Shelley gave me a lovely Angel carved of olivewood from the Holy Land she picked up at a sale they had at Holy Family (Catholic Church.) Just as meaningful as the gift is what Shelley said as I unwrapped it - Shelley said she meant for this Angel to serve as a Reminder that there is someone looking over Brandon. Amazing! And, there's only one reason I didn't break down right there in her Living room and Cry in front of her husband and that's because I'd already boo-hoo'ed for an hour with my Analyst that afternoon. Any way, all that aside, Shelley's angel reminded me of the Olivewood nativity I saw a couple of weeks ago so I decided to go back for it today. Unfortunately, it was no longer available... And, when I asked about it I was told it was sold Last night - Drat! So as hard as it was Not to ask if they could describe the Customer and provide me with the make and model of their car so I could track it down, I decided it wasn't meant to be, Got over it and picked out another Nativity I think I like just as much!

my German mushroom Nutcracker
Too cute!
still a bit Creepy but the little Slug
sitting in his hand Cracks me up
he's just Perfect next to my Nativity carousel
This is the Olivewood Nativity hand carved in Bethlehem that
I picked out... and there's Shelley's kneeling olivewood Angel
to remind me that someone is Watching over my Brandon
I said I was finished Adding ornaments to our Tree but as
soon as I walked into Salem Creek and saw these Cherries,
good Luck pig and Winter cardinal I had to take them home
Good luck Pig and Cherries added to the tree...
and, the new winter Cardinal too!
my Shopping and Decorating is done... Now, let's bake!
Someone wasn't Very happy with me because I packed up
all the Cookies I baked last week and sent them off in my
Christmas packages to Mom and dad and some friends...
so I had to bake him some more. Of all the Cookies I baked last
week, the Heath toffee were the Favorite. This time though, I
decided to add White chocolate and hold the chopped Walnuts
Look who is Ready for her Christmas Eve fish dinner...
I am so Stocked up on the Lemons!
mixing up Fluffy butter with Sugar
adding Eggs one at a time
adding Flour and Heath toffee bits to the mixture to finish
folding in 1 cup White chocolate chips - Tah!
Wish me Luck!
I spy white Chocolate chips!
Cookies are done and taste-Tested and approved, Whew!
now this happy Baker needs an appetizer before dinner...
cooked Shrimp tossed in lime Juice and chopped
Cilantro will do just fine, I think. Yum!

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