Wednesday, April 23, 2008

His Christmas Gift happened Today!

Finally, after two cancellations due to weather we had the ceiling we needed for the Flight to happen...

Here comes his Ride

All strapped in and Ready for Take-off


In the Sky - Up, up and Away he goes!
They did tail to nose flips (twice), several barrel rolls and something
called a Clover. John, the guy from Bluegrass Skyventures who chatted with me
on the ground, said they get about eight poeple a year that end up hurling
during their flight. I told him I'd be one of those people, for Sure!

On his way Back to Me (thank you, God!)

Thumbs up and waving - Must have been Fun!

Not bad for a plane built in 1949

This WWII AT6 Texan saw action in Korea and it's Still ticking after
all these years. We couldn't have asked for a more Perfect day
for this little Adventure - Merry Christmas!

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