Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brand NEW Visitors!

Look who found us this morning... Canadian Geese!

I was rushed out of the shower this morning to, "Come see this!"
When I got down to the solarium this is what I saw... A lovely Canadian Geese pair
Click to enlarge this photo below to see a little bouncing Squirrel butt... I opened the window to take my picture and a bunch of squirrels ran across the yard from the bird feeders
In this shot Mr. Squirrel is plastered flat against the tree
I dumped out the last of the cracked corn last night  
and I guess they found it!
Just to prove they're not the ones you buy at Home Depot!
Come one, come all!
I sure hope they bring me some babies
Come back soon!
All of these pictures are worth seeing full size
but especially this one
Off they go...
Hey! Wait for me

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