Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, my Love!

Have a little coconut Cake!
This is one way not to have birthday cake hanging around for days...

A perfect Birthday dinner - No reservations required!

I've made reservations at Ruth's Chris for Saturday evening to celebrate his birthday properly but tonight, on his Birthday, it has to be Salmon! I've been testing salmon (and steak) rubs for a while now but I keep coming back to my old stand-by, John Pisto's Old California Seasoning from Monterey. It's the Best! I even ordered some from Pike's (fish market) in Seattle but it can't beat Pisto's either. Every time I go home I buy ten jars so I think it's time to stop investing in rubs because there is none better than Pisto's - Yum! 

I took all the produce he picked up at Whole Foods on Monday night back today. Pointing to the fuzzy white mold on the tops of their oranges, I told the woman at the customer service counter that when my husband shops for produce he picks out crap; that's why I sent him to their store... because Whole Foods is supposed to have nothing but the best, thereby improving my odds of getting something we can actually eat. Unfortunately, I told her, they're not helping my cause by offering mushy oranges and shriveled sweet corn because if it's produce that can expire on the way home, my husband WILL find it!  

So now that I've bashed his produce-buying skills I guess I better say something nice about this man that I cannot live without, especially on his Birthday! 

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