Sunday, April 20, 2008

Now I feel Better!

I knew Warbirds Skyventures was flying the AT6 at Z. Smith Reynolds airport today so we took a ride over there this afternoon to check them out ahead of our scheduled adventure in flight on Tuesday. The fact that they cancelled on us for yesterday's appointment shook my confidence in them a little, but after what we saw today - seeing some of the people flying (one boy all of 12 years old) and getting to meet the pilot and others involved with their operation, I feel better. Of course Mr. Fearless is as excited about going up in this bird as he was on Christmas day when he learned about this little Gift. So here's his ride:

Refer to my earlier post about the Reynolds family for more information
about Z. Smith Reynolds. How connected must one be to have their pilot's
license signed by Orville Wright? Hum...
The Golden Knights are in Town

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