Saturday, April 19, 2008

Macy*s One Day Sale

So the market I went to for my slow cooker ingredients happened to be near Macy*s where they were having a One Day Sale - And, because I was there before one o'clock, I got $10 off every $25 purchase. I love a Sale! I also love Martha's stuff at Macy*s so I just had to go... Also, since I've enrolled in not one, but two cake decorating classes, I couldn't help but pick up this five piece cupcake set. I might just bring cup cakes to work one day. I mean, where else would I take cupcakes? Too bad I didn't have this little set when I had to take cupcakes to preschool classes!
This bowl was a steal! Sorry, Martha, not for 
$22, but for $3, it was a buy!
Really! Originally $22, marked down to $4.99 + an 
additional 40% off - Yea!
I saw a recipe for Pesto yesterday so I couldn't 
pass up Martha's mortar and pestle set and a 
Bundt keeper was a must have

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