Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lunch and Garden Talk with P. Allen Smith... And, a Give-away!

For all the 29 years we've been married it's always been the
same... The kitchen/house is mine and the gardens are his...
We use these spaces as our own individual experimental
laboratories where we each endeavor to impress the other...
It's a friendly and enjoyable competition, often made a whole bunch
better by following the examples of people we admire... People such
The influence of following P. Allen Smith since his early days at KSBW in
Monterey where we lived for nearly twenty years, can be seen throughout
our gardens. I can list at least fifty+ plants and flowers we now enjoy simply
because they were featured either on Allen's show or in one of his books!
So... When we learned that P. Allen Smith was appearing at a luncheon
given by Old Salem Museums and Gardens this afternoon, we were there!
Old Salem is a Winston-Salem treasure and any opportunity to support
its preservation is worth the effort. As you know, we haven't missed an
Easter Sunrise service there since we moved here... We visit Old Salem
a lot! So I'm delighted that P. Allen Smith will be filming a feature about
the gardens at Old Salem for his show tomorrow! By the way, we were
seated at the table sponsored by the Journal with really lovely company!
One of the other perks of being seated at this particular table was
a complementary copy of Allen's book - Thanks, W-S Journal!
The Forsyth County Country Club chefs outdid themselves!
Honestly, had you told me this morning that I would be having
lunch with P. Allen Smith, I would have thought you were nuts!
Allen's lecture regarding his passion for gardens and hearing him speak
about the gardens at Monticello that we also love so much was just
fantastic! I think I fell in love with him a little more than I already was!
At the end of his lecture, Allen stayed to sign books!
Of course, I couldn't wait to introduce myself and, to tell
him about how far we go back! I also couldn't resist asking Allen
about Moose, the lovable donkey at his Moss Mountain Farm who
can often be seen trying to horn in on Allen's scenes during his show!
I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have a copy of Allen's
Seasonal Recipes from the Garden to add to my collection!
This way, I can have P. Allen Smith in my gardens and in my kitchen!
It's a beautiful book with recipes from the garden for every season!
Just like us, P. Allen Smith is the perfect marriage of garden and home!
And, just because I love you, I want you to have a copy  of this book too!
If you'd like to have this copy of P. Allen Smith's Seasonal Recipes
from the Garden, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me where
you do your best work... Kitchen or Garden... Or both! I'll choose one
winner on Sunday and even include the program from today's lunch!

With sincerest thanks to P. Allen Smith for his visit to Winston-Salem! Your Garden Home Retreat is on our list so until we meet again... We send you our Best wishes! xo


  1. I equally enjoy both kitchen and garden! Our yard is small but lots of flowers and color are there. I have big French doors in my kitchen/dining area that look over the yard so I can enjoy the yard while in the kitchen

    1. Thank you for your comment, Julie - Sounds like you have a beautiful mix of home and garden! xo

  2. I Just wanted to let you know mine would be kitchen, I don't have a very good green thumb, but my mother does and she enjoys the flowers and gardens like you!! I would love to have a peaceful flower garden like yours if someone else could make it look beautiful for me and maintain it.I could just enjoy.!! :)~ Thank you for always sharing your info, I enjoy reading and seeing all your stuff!! ♥

  3. Thank you for your kind words, Kim! And, I hope you get lots of opportunities to spend time with your mother, enjoying her garden! xo

  4. I do my best work in the kitchen when the weather is cold and messy. But, when spring arrives, I could stay outside all day. There is always a weed to pull, a flower to pick, or a bulb to plant.

  5. So glad that you had such a great treat Janet, you deserve it! xx

  6. As a transplant from the Midwest to Phoenix, I'm still learning desert gardening, so I'd have to say kitchen. But love them both and am so thrilled with being introduced to him by you! Thank you, Thank you!!

  7. Janet,
    What a thrill to spend the day with P. Allen Smith! His new cook book looks GORGEOUS! I love cooking in my kitchen and I love spending time in my gardens! My husband loves my cooking and the deer love my gardens! (Both are very well fed!)
    Thank you for sharing the highlights of your wonderful day!

  8. I definitely do my best work in the kitchen. My Grandfather was a Master Gardener. My father had his own Landscaping business for 30 years. You would think that I would have that gift, but no! I kill everything! i can't even grow herbs!

  9. Oh, how wonderful! I wish I'd had a chance to go! (You probably know about the garden restoration we're doing in BV...what a job! But truthfully, I'm loving every minute about it.)

  10. I love working in the kitchen. I grew up working in the kitchen with my Italian aunt. It was so much fun cooking and listening to her stories about her childhood in Italy. She told me to always put my love for the family in everything that I fixed.

  11. Dear Janet,

    It's Barbi here, one of your recent past winners on your site, since I just won I will leave my name out of the hat and give someone else a chance to win one of your wonderful give-aways! I definitely do my best work in the kitchen. My husband and I are new to gardening and are learning a lot as we go. Our house we built in the forest and have a pretty blank canvas so I dream one day of having a yard as beautiful as yours. I'm so glad you were able to meet someone you think is so cool and you have such respect for. What a fun afternoon for you!!!! Good Luck to everyone.......
    Toodles, Barbi

  12. Both! And I hope to get unpacked and back in the kitchen soon!

  13. I do my best work in the kitchen. I leave the garden for "him" but I do love to fill the water fountain with fresh water for the birds. Ha! They think it's a birdbath.

    Thank you, Janet.

  14. Good morning. I get most satisfaction from both. The kitchen because that is where I prepare meals for my family and I get my children involved. Colin 4 helps me measure and mix Fiona 2 helps mix the oatmeal. The garden brings me pleasure because growing up I killed all my plants with too much love-I over watered. When I moved into a house a couple of years ago I set out to get a green thumb. By educating myself I have been able to learn how to properly take care and grow my plants. I keep reading and learning to improve.
    I will now look to see where Mr Smith is appearing next!!

  15. minxiemoon@cox.netMay 18, 2014 at 2:28 PM

    Hi Janet,

    Am I ever jealous! To meet P. Allen Smith & get a signed copy of his book in addition to going to the luncheon & Lecture - Wow!! I have several gardening books & container gardening "seasonal planting" cards by him - excellent. My husband, David, is the chef of the house & I'm the gardener. Together we make a wonderful pair.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us & the opportunity to possibly win his book & the program from the Luncheon & Lecture. You are the best & you always keep it Sweet!!!

    Kathy Edwards

  16. I'm much better in the kitchen, but working on expanding into the garden this year!

    Melissa M.

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