Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Once again, and just like clockwork, the azaleas on
the side of the house bloomed today on Mother's Day!
They are so happy and healthy, they're even reaching around the house now!
As I stood admiring the azaleas on this Mother's Day, I was called
into the front yard by some very loud chirping coming from my
new birdhouse! Just the other day I discovered not one nest of
baby bluebirds... But two! See that little beak there in the window?
I can't lie and say I'm very happy about the mess my sweet tenants have
made during their stay; however, I am beyond delighted to have them!
Momma bluebird wasn't very happy
about how close I was standing to her babies...
So I stepped back into the Japanese maple to hide, hoping to catch her
delivering their evening meal. However, what happened next was even better!
Because suddenly, baby bluebirds began to fly from their nest! There
were three that flew straight from the window... Then, there was this
little guy who popped out and decided to sit on the porch for a while!
He didn't mind me getting close at all!
As I whispered my confidence in his ability to do
just as his siblings had, he seemed to be taking note!
Then, he flew away too!
He didn't get very far, landing here in the wild strawberry
under the living room window... But I think it's a great start!
Welcome to the world, baby bluebird!


  1. Awwwwww!!! Enjoying your views, as always!!!

  2. Wow, the azaleas are looking stunning this year Janet! So lovely that the bluebirds loved your new birdhouse so much and made full use of it, perhaps you will have all of the nests fully occupied next year now they know about the luxurious accommodation that you are providing for them - I mean, how many bird houses have a porch! Glad that you had a good weekend. xx

  3. Thank you for the AMAZING pictures of Baby Bluebird! I've seen many little fledglings leave the nest but have never had the pleasure of being so up close!!! What a wonderful Mother's Day Gift! Your Azalea's aren't to shabby either! didn't bloom at all this thank you for sharing! I'm really loving your Bluebird Hotel........I think baby might just grow up and move in next door!


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