Thursday, March 21, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

A sweet friend at work asked if I would create cookies
for her darling daughter's 4th birthday party this weekend...
Of course, I said yes!
Seems like just yesterday I attended her baby shower...
Ranger was just about to graduate from
basic training and begin Airborne school...
Today he's an NCO who has deployed four times and, my dear friend's
little girl is turning four. It's true what they say... Time flies when you're
having fun... Or in my case, proud, terrified and completely stressed out!
Seriously! How do they go from this...
To this, overnight? Funny thing is, my mom wonders the same thing!
Thank goodness for the dream job and cookie
projects that keep me busy twenty-eight hours a day!
All done! By the way... I love creating custom
gift tags almost as much as I enjoy creating cookies!
Since Sutton's party theme is egg-hunt, I decided to hide an egg cookie
behind each sweet bunny! These tiny eggs were created using my vintage
Martha by Mail copper cookie cutter Eggs set... Still worth every penny!
50 bunny and egg sets were just delivered. You know what that means, right?
Means I might make it to bed before 1AM tonight!
Just in time for my three-day weekend!
Yup! We're off to Charlotte in the morning... Of course,
the Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffney is on my agenda. As
Then at 8 o'clock the fun really begins... Because at
that time you'll find us front and center at Wicked!
Have yourself a sweet weekend too!


  1. Another sweet success on the cookie front, Janet. Sutton will adore them! And Wicked? My absolute favorite musical of ALL time; I've seen it twice and would go again in a heart beat! Enjoy~

  2. Lovely cookies! I know the little ones will love them.

  3. I have seen Wicked many times. It is my all time favorite!!! I could go once a week and watch it!

  4. I think anyone would love to see your bunny rabbits come hopping down their bunny trail. They look so delicious and the hidden egg is pure genius. Enjoy your long weekend and find some treasures to show us when you get back.

  5. You always make elegant and pretty cookies! I love the gift tags, you write this with a special card program? Because I try in PowerPoint but I can't write the curvy letters like this. Thanks!

  6. These are adorable and the hidden egg was such a cute idea. Enjoy your weekend :)

  7. Beautiful cookies! As always!! I still have an email from you to answer and may be asking for advice on making elephant cookies I want to do for a fundraiser. You have the absolute BEST ideas!

  8. Janet! It seems as if we're both on the same wavelength with our Easter cookies. I just made some hatchlings over the weekend and they were a great hit! Lovely bunnies!


  9. Janet,
    Just now catching up on reading your blog. Where did you purchase the bunny cookie cutter??? The way you decorated them is just adorable. Andrea in WA. Hope you see this even tho it's April now.

  10. Andrea - Normally I would use ONLY a copper cookie cutter; however, my friend asked for a standing bunny shape so I was forced to use the one sold at my local Williams-Sonoma. It was on sale for less than $5 the week before Easter. If you cannot find it and want one, let me know and I will send you this one or hunt one down for you.

    PS - it didn't cut nearly as well as the cookie cutters - you can see evidence of this along the bottom edge of my cookies where the cutter never would go all the way through - no matter how hard I pressed, it just wouldn't go. :( Anyway, let me know if I can help!


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