Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bird-themed Decorated Sugar Cookies!

Whoever said appliances don't have to match...
Wasn't me!
Therefore, after the new KitchenAid gas range I won at the Mixed
blogger conference was installed, I ordered the matching microwave!
And, like my new range... It's a big fat upgrade
over the KitchenAid Superba microwave I had before!
First, it's a whole lot bigger, plus it doubles as a convection oven! Add
to this the warming drawer that came with my new range and, I may
never complain about not having double wall ovens again! Of course
now that the stove and microwave have been upgraded, I have got
my eye on the newest KitchenAid dishwasher and refrigerator too!
It's been a very busy week here at Chez Janet. Remember all those
cookies I baked last weekend? Well, I planned to ice them this week;
however, that project got pushed out when, on Tuesday one of my bosses
asked if I could create three dozen bird-themed cookies for his daughter's
YMCA Adventure Princesses meeting this Sunday! Of course I said...
Sure! I mean, we are talking about one of my favorite bosses
and, he and his wife just happen to have the most adorable little girl
and boy you've ever seen... Clearly a no-brainer if there ever was one!
So after just a teenie freak-out over the time line, I sprung into action and called my
friend Beth at who promptly sent everything I needed to create
bird-themed cookies worthy of my boss and his sweet, Adventure Princess!
For the perfect birdhouse cookie, Beth
suggested this copper cookie cutter
And, she was right!
I cut out the hole using a tiny heart-shaped cutter...
Just to amp-up the cuteness factor! Speaking of cute... The moment I
saw these bird and flower sugar on-lays, I knew they would be perfect to
complete my design! Thankfully, I found a supplier willing to ship them
overnight. Seriously... My city needs a baking supply store in the worst way!
Once everything arrived, the project came together nicely!
When my boss saw them on Friday morning...
He called them, spectacular!
Added to the photo he e-mailed later that evening of his daughter enjoying
one of my cookies and, well... it sums up why the answer will always be, Sure!
I can't lie though...
It's always a little hard to see my creations leave the nest!
If you can stand to see more cookies, then I invite you to check
back tomorrow. Because that other cookie project is happening!


  1. Those little birdies are just so cute and your bird houses are adorable!

    P.S. The new microwave looks fabulous. Enjoy!

  2. Gasp!! Ok, I never thought I could love any other cookies more than the snowglobes... well, I just did. These are incredible! Seriously, these are hands down the CUTEST ones I have ever seen!


  3. I am catching up on all the amazing cookies you have posted recently!! I LOVE the rabbits in the hats!! Simply amazing. Have you in the past ever posted the recipe you use for making the cookie dough? Eventually I want to start making more cookies (and some pies) since I mostly do cakes and things like chocolate chip cookies or things that do not require decoration. Not sure how far I want to go with the icing - certainly no where near what you do which is amazing - but I'm not sure just where to start with what cookie and what icing recipes. If you would care to guide me toward some posts you've done or some web sites I'd be grateful! Someone gave me a great Eiffel Tower cookie cutter for Christmas that I want to use.

  4. Adorable!!! Can u please tell me the name of the supply store where I can get the birds,flowers and hearts?

  5. I found them at Fancy Adorable!!


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