Friday, February 22, 2013

Baking Pantry Project Update!

Closing off the second door to the den/library to gain the wall
space we desperately needed in there created this odd nook in
the hallway between the laundry room and the kitchen...
Which was fine while the boys still lived at home because they used
this bench we put there to get their shoes on, hang their coats and
drop things after school. However, since they moved out this spot
has become useless. It just seems to collect dust and encourages
me to keep buying tote bags, scarves and hats! So recently, after I
pulled an all-nighter to finish these cookies and my better half was
left to put away all of my baking supplies, he called me at work to
announce that he was converting this spot into a second pantry!
And, who am I to argue with genius? Not me! Not
when my baking supply drawers have gone from this...
To this... Yikes. Please don't judge me!
But every drawer is over-flowing!
What's worse, this chaos not only makes me twitch, it slows me down. Also,
since I can't see everything, I very often buy things I already have!
It's even spilled over into the bean-chest! So...
You want to build me a second pantry dedicated only to
baking supplies, cake pans and my cookie cutter collection?
I say... Yes, please and thank you!
Yesterday I came home to find shelves and doors going up!
And, this evening I came home to find lighting and pegboard installed. This
pegboard will come in very handy to get my cookie cutters out of storage tubs!
I especially appreciate the extra effort to conceal all the wiring
behind the wall and that extra light fixture under the bottom
shelf! Not only will it make my things easier to see, it'll make
it very difficult for dust bunnies to hide... Which is important!
How fortunate I am to have a man that can turn such very detailed
plan drawings I scribbled on the wall into something so spectacular!
Tomorrow the doors and shelves will be painted and new door pulls installed...
Then, it'll be up to me to fill and organize it!

To see the completed project, click here!


  1. And fill and organize you will. I can't wait to see more inside. He is genius. We must clone him.

  2. Wow, Kitchen heaven!

  3. Great work Terry-keep our girl happy. She does so much for so many people and brings a smile to everyone.

    Hope both of you have a great weekend.


  4. I know you're in Baking Pantry Heaven about now. Your husband did a great job converting your drawings into the finished project. Now I hope you'll fill it and show us those pics, as I know it's going to be some kind of wonderful.

  5. I would love to have something like that! It's perfect!


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