Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Very Sweet Valentine's Day!

Just before Christmas I exchanged e-mails with my cookie-idol...
Dani Fiori has been inspiring me to create decorated sugar cookies
ever since I first watched her demonstrate her signature and, super
cute snowglobe cookies on the Martha Stewart show back in 2009!
It seems there's no limit to Dani's creativity... Every time I check
in at her website, blog or Facebook there's always something
new, fun and exciting Dani has done that I can't wait to try!
Having the opportunity to actually see, touch and taste Dani's
spectacular hand-iced sugar cookies is a dream come true for me!
Funny thing is... When I saw Dani's cookies, I immediately heard in my head what
people always say to me when I give cookies away... They're too pretty to eat!
But I know Dani uses Martha's sugar cookie recipe so I had to bite
the cookie! Let me tell you, it's amazing. And, so is Dani's Royal icing!
So what do you do when an Emmy award winning set decorator and
stylist for the Martha Stewart show and cookie expert sends you cookie cutters?
You create cookies, of course! By the way... Dani's
nesting bird cookie cutter can be found here!
While my Sweet Dani B nesting bird cookies bake, I'm finishing up
some of the Valentine's Day hearts I baked last week using my Martha
by Mail Hearts copper cookie cutter set. It's currently my favorite!
For obvious reasons!
After all, it's the beginning of Love-week!
And, nothing is better at Valentine's Day than decorated sugar cookies!
Forget the chocolate truffles and flowers!
Around here, all my Valentines prefer cookies!
I cannot thank Dani enough!
Not only for the package of cookies and some of her
favorite cookie cutters and decorating tools she sent me...
But also for her kind spirit, generosity and willingness to share
her passion with those of us inspired by her creativity every day!
Thank you, Dani!
And, to you and those who love you... Happy Valentine's Day!
With lots and lots of sweet, sugary-sprinkled butter love!


  1. J, your designs are just beautiful! I always love seeing what wonders you are creating!

  2. To make such beautiful cookies is just a dream for me. Your baking and decorating cookie talents are beyond my capabilities. Mine always turn out a mess. lol Thanks for sharing pictures of your stunning results.

  3. I am not good about commenting, but I always enjoy reading your blog! When I see you updated, I always get excited to read about the fun things you are up to! I am also a HUGE fan of Dani! I have ordered from her once and communicated on her facebook page, and she is such a sweet lady! I just ordered some of her cutters today and I can't wait to get them home and be able to get to work using her tutorials. Cookie decorating is one of my favorite hobbies! I always love looking at your cookies and how lovely they come out!

  4. How lovely for you to have received this gift from your cookie idol. Love what you are doing with them. All your cookies look wonderful and delicious.


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