Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scenes from a bike ride and Easter Cookie finish!

I put the finishing bunny-tail touches on
my Easter cookies super-early this morning!
Why? Because on the way home from work on Friday I bought a bike!
So there was a bike ride on my agenda this morning!
I haven't ridden a bike outside in many, many years!
Spin bikes, yes. All the time! But outside, where bikes can tip over, no!
So after I finished playing with my Bunny-Bun cookies...
I loaded my bike into the truck and took off!
My friend and I began our trek on a recreational trail near
home but it was only 2.9 miles, which was not nearly enough!
So we headed over to another trail, which we learned
was pedestrian only... A bunny-trail, you might say!
Finally, we made our way over to Salem Lake
Which turned out to be just what we were looking for!
It was a beautiful Spring day for a bike ride!
There's no kayaking at Salem Lake until the new dam is complete...
Open. Open. Open!
We had a blast on our ride!
Beautiful scenery, wildlife...
And lots of other nice people doing the same thing we were!
On the way home we passed this field and just had to stop to stare...
Have you seen anything sweeter today?
Oh, my!
Except for the electric fence, this little honey would have been mine!
By the time I made it home, five hours later... My bunny-tails were dry!
So I packed them up for their trip to work in the morning!
It's always so hard to let them go...
But that's what they're for!
Happy Easter Week with Love to You!


  1. Seriously cute bunnies, Janet! Love the colors!

  2. Your bunnies are just too cute!! I now want a bunny cookie cutter! Your nature shots were gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and a glorious Easter:)

  3. Janet, your bunny bun cookies are the CUTEST!!! What a nice weekend you had... Happy Easter week!!! -Pam Benabides

  4. After reading your post...I want to make bunny cookies and go for a bike ride! The cookies are adorable!!

  5. Does anyone else have trouble viewing some of the photos on their IPad? I just don't want to miss one.

  6. I do love your bunny cookies! Your bike ride sounded and looked like a beautiful outing.

  7. Those are adorable! I love them...and your bike ride looked just lovely!
    Happy Easter!

  8. How did you make their tails?


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