Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Iris Hunting at Boose Family Farm

We met SpaBoy early this morning to hunt iris plants for our
respective gardens at the Boose Family Farm down the road!
We've been transplanting their iris plants into our gardens for
several years. And, after seeing my irises in vases this spring,
SpaBoy decided it was high time to add some to his garden too!
Everyone in this area knows Boose Family Farms for their beautiful irises!
If you stop by, Boose sisters, Faye and Rita will gladly sell you some iris plants. But
if you ask about their business, they'll tell you that it's not so much a business
as it is just taking care of what they refer to as their mother's out-of-control
collection of irises. And, if you're lucky you might see the now 91-year
old Mrs. Boose cruising around the iris farm in her golf cart!
Like we did again this morning!
If you're looking for iris plants to add to your garden...
You'll want to head over to Meadowlark Road in Winston-Salem...
Where you'll find irises in every color...
And every combination of colors imaginable. Not to mention
you'll get to enjoy a nice walk through a spectacular garden!
I thought I was done adding irises to our gardens...
But then I smelled these!
Yes! I actually smelled them before I saw them!
Now... Some irises stink, which my gardener tells me is revenge
for my cutting them and keeping them in vases in the house!
But not these... This iris smells incredible! The scent is difficult to
describe, but it's somewhere between sweet grape juice and fresh,
clean linen sheets. It's an odd sounding combination, but it works!
While SpaBoy walked the iris garden and took inventory of all the ones he
planned to take home with him, I rushed home to drop off my own haul!
Usually Faye and Rita don't sell their iris plants with bloomers
on them. But if you ask real nice and pay an extra dollar, they will!
When we returned to the farm to collect SpaBoy, I stumbled
onto a couple more iris varieties I couldn't live without!
Like these!
And this one!
And especially that one!
Lots of that one!
I cannot wait for next spring!
There are going to be even more beautiful irises in our gardens!
And, in my vases! And for that...
We have Mrs. Boose and her daughters to thank!


  1. We ussed to live in a tiny development right across the street form Boose Farms. My son used to love to look at the flowers there. I am not a huge iris fan, but I do have a few because they are so colorful.

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous. I have been looking for irises too. I don't have an iris farm nearby though. The prices look great too!

  3. I am in awe of your selections. For some reason unbeknownst to me I can't seem to grow them here in FL. I have a love for them and appreciate you sharing your beautiful photos with us. Mr. Spa Boy will be thrilled with his selections in his garden next year when they bloom. I'm loving your choices especially the one with a fragrance.

  4. Love that Mrs. Boose still gets around to tend to her gorgeous Iris plants in her golf cart. Quite the lady!
    Her Irises are beautiful, love all the different colours growing. We have purple Irises growing wild along the country road by our home. I wait for them to bloom every year and always disappointed that they don't last all summer.

  5. Please can I have the phone number of this place? I bought Iris there several years ago and am looking for re-blooming Iris. These people were so nice and will help you find what you are looking for I am handicap and can only walk a short way. They have books with the Iris and pictures just pick out what you want and they will bring it right to you!
    Email me @

  6. I just had a lovely conversation with Faye today. I couldn't wait to buy irises because I just simply love irises. I hope I can plant them when it's the right time to plant my beautiful irises. 🦋


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