Saturday, April 21, 2012

Knocked Out!

Can you think of a more appropriately named plant?
I can't! These roses knock me out all spring and summer long!
But they aren't the only bloomers that knock me out...
These pink azaleas do it every year!
I called them my Mother's Day azaleas...
They are early this year due to the mild winter and warm spring we've had...
Which suits me just fine!
You know me, the more things bloom...
The happier I am!
We threw together a quick and dirty yard sale and GoodWill haul this
morning to clear out the garage and the item people asked about the
most was the gardens. In fact, between us, we conducted six tours!
My certified master-gardener even gave away several cuttings
and a few whole plants he repotted for a few nice ladies...
I've never seen him share any of his plants before...
Definitely a first!
It's kinda nice to know a little of our garden
will be enjoyed by others in their garden!
Sharing is a good thing...
I suppose.
This weigela was an impulse buy at the Farmer's
market last spring. Can you see why I had to have it?
I love the feathers on the roof!
And, the drunk bee in the flower there!
Looks like it might be time to dispatch the lady bugs...
To munch up the aphids that dare to visit my garden!
Ladybugs. Not pesticides!
Back to our Bee-friend!
Wearing pollen on his legs!
Bees are cool! I say the more bees in the garden, the better!
Hey, bee... Tell your friends!
Because there are plenty flowers to go around!
Keep up the good work, little Bee. You know what they say...
There's nothing to do but Bee!
Now if you will excuse me...
It's lazy-dinner and a movie night tonight...
At our favorite place... Home!


  1. Be still my heart! Those azaleas are mind-blowing! The shot of the bee with the pollen on his legs is award-winning.

  2. I am not surprised at the attention your garden received. There has to ba a gardening contest out there somewhere to enter yours in. I must tell you about the most exquisite rose I ever planted.It is called "Perfume Delight" and the aroma is so delightful and strong enough to permeate a large area in and outside the home. It is a pink rose. Her companion rose "Double Delight" is beautiful yet not as strongly fragranced. It is a bicolor rose. The joy you are spreading around will return as blessings. I must know if the little bluebird took up residence in the birdhouse. I do hope so and you have a little family of them to share with us. Oh how I've carried on but I just get so excited about your home and garden. Now I must take myself to the kitchen after seeing your scrumptious looking meal.

  3. The gardens are magnificent! What is the name of the weigela? Is the Polka variety?

  4. The bee photographs are amazing!! The sharp contrast and details are exquisite!!


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