Sunday, December 5, 2010

All 24 together now!

 Have you ever wished you could bake 24-cupcakes at the same time, in the same pan?
Me too!
  No more rotating pans or unevenly baked Cupcakes for me!
 It wasn't easy to find a Commercial-grade muffin pan that would fit my
sadly, non-commercial grade oven. I've mentioned this before but I'll say
it again, the Convection fan on the back of my oven decreases the depth just
enough to make using large baking pans impossible. Just one of the many little
details my salesman failed to mention... Fortunately I found Zesco! Not only
do they offer the exact size 24-cup cupcake/muffin pan I need to fit my
oven, their prices can't be beat either. This sweet pan cost me just $16.80!  
 To top it off, Shipping was super-reasonable, and fast! And, if you sign
up to receive their e-mails, Zesco will give you $10 off your $50 order!
 The good folks at Zesco have no idea that I exist... But I
thought you would like to know that they do! I have a long wish-
list of Kitchen and baking supplies, and Zesco carries most of it!  
 To commemorate the beautiful Snow that fell
yesterday I broke out my new Cupcake pan...
 To make German chocolate cupcakes!
 Topped with edible snowflakes...
 Of course!


  1. Oh I just hate it when I PASS~the~HECK out...
    fall off the couch...and
    bump my head!
    All because i am completely blown~the~heck away by your cupcakes!
    I am ordering that pan...big time!
    Now tell me again...what kind of icing is that.
    And...what size tip did you use to pipe that PUFFY~FLUFFY icing on!
    I must know details!
    Gotta go ice my head now! ;o)

  2. ABSOLUTELY adorable cupcakes. As the official room mom for room 19 (sigh), I'm doing a winter wonderland theme for the twins' class's holiday party this month. I think I found my inspiration... :)

    XOXXO to you!!

  3. I knew you would be making some cupcakes soon that would make me drool as I scrolled through the pictures!!! Your cupcakes and cookies are the most delicious looking creations ever. I say you open up a bakery here and I will be your cupcake sidekick. What do you say?

  4. TOO CUTE!!!

    ok, couple of questions........
    the pan is totally cool, but am I missing WHY the need for 24 in one pan? I just put 2 12's in at once....not that I wouldn't love this pan......I'm just curious.

    and 2nd WHERE did you you get those snowflakes?.....I LOVE them!! I'm off to check out Zesco.......I'm sure there's something with MY name on it!

  5. Love your snowflake cupcakes so pretty!
    That is a great pan! Love how evenly it bakes.
    hmmm....maybe santa will bring me one if I am good :)

  6. Teresa - when you come to, please rush over to your nearest Cracker Barrel and pick up some of these edible snowflakes! Totally unbelievable, I know... But that's where I find them!

    The poofy-tip is Wilton's 1A! My friend Monica, (of the blog, Lick the Bowl Good) sent it to me after I asked her which tip she used to create the same look. I have yet to find a Wilton 1A for sale in my area. But on-line they are pretty easy to find!

    Sandra - I'll open a bakery as soon as you promise we can eat everything we create over long chats!

    Cheryl - I can't fit two 12 cup cupcake pans (side-by-side) in my pathetic, shallow oven! I can only fit one on each rack - this requires me to spend twice the time baking cupcakes - or to remember to rotate the pans because the bottom of the oven (where the gas element is) stays hotter than the top rack. Honestly, if I hadn't paid $3k for that oven just a couple of years ago I'd toss it out the door! Any way, having one 24-cup pan allows me to do a full batch of cupcakes in just one baking cycle, while knowing they'll bake evenly!

  7. @ Teresa......luv your comment! And you are soooo right
    I feel the same way!!!!

  8. Ohhhhhhhh I need that pan. Thank you so much for writing about it. Going over to check them out now. Super awesome cupcakes too!

  9. I HAVE to go to Cracker Barrel and see if they have the snowflakes!

    I saw a huge tip like that on a cupcake show and found one at the local cake supply store for 2.00, it's not Wilton tho. As you said, they are hard to come by!

    I love that pan! I googled it and the store you got it from was the cheapest, a really good price I might add. After the holiday I might have to get one!

  10. I love the pan, I love the cupcakes you baked in the pan and I love the cupcakes you decorated so prettily that came out of the pan.

  11. AWESOME pan!!!! Thanks for sharing! I'm so excited. And the cupcakes are GORGEOUS! Love the edible snowflakes. Happy to have found your blog this evening. Thanks to Teresa at Blooming on Bainbridge!

  12. Your cupcakes are GORGEOUS! I am going to try and track down that tip, and buy me one of those pans! At least I have the same cute cupcake liners:)

  13. Thanks ever so much for the link. I've always wanted one. Too bad I didn't have one when the kids were little and came in with, "Mom, I told them you would bring cupcakes."

  14. Hi Janet!
    I have really enjoyed your recent comments to Teresa :o)
    What fun you two are!

    Thank you for telling us where you got the edible snowflakes... I'll have to ask my daughter, Rachael, to pick them up for me...She works across the way from the closest Cracker Barrel...
    Those cupcakes are outstanding !!!

    Thanks for posting about them!
    Hope all is Merry and Bright where you are!

  15. Oh those look amazing!! I'm dying for a cupcake now!!

  16. please come and visit me when you come to California!!

    Rose B.

    ps...oh yeah, please bring some cupcakes with you.
    thanks in advance....


  17. That is a sweet pan and a great price. Thanks for sharing the link, I'll have to check it out.

    You think if I make snowflake cupcakes, it'll snow here? ha!

  18. I forgot to tell you...I bought some of those snowflakes last year and found them at Michaels' craft store.


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