Monday, December 20, 2010

Back at Disneyland!

Good morning, Disneyland!
 Dear Rain... Thank you for going away!
I know it's only been a few hours... But I've missed you!
We're on a mission today to hit all our favorites
and to be back on the road for home by two o'clock
Because we told mom and dad we'd be home for dinner!
And, as long as the flow of traffic between LA and
Ventura cooperates, we should make it in plenty of time 
So we're off...
And, this is our first stop... After The Pirates of the
Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion, this is my favorite!
And, this is what it looks inside like after the
attraction breaks down, and the lights come up...
So much less exciting and fun this way... However, we were
invited to stay on for a second go, which totally made up for it!
Disneyland, Christmas 2010. Done in record-time, and so completely worth the drive!

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