Saturday, December 4, 2010

It Snowed!

Snow began to fall shortly after noon today...
And, in just Thirty minutes...
Everything that was beautiful green...
Was brilliant white!
It's as if Mother Nature knows we'll be away in California in a couple of weeks...
 So she delivered my snow early... To ensure I didn't miss it! 
 Mother Nature knows what I enjoy most about winter in North Carolina!
 Hopefully she has more in store for us!
More will be fine. So long as it's not on the days we fly! 
Cousin It says, Brrrrrrr!
  Summer-Fun in the pool seems very far away today!
Happy Snow-Day!


  1. Your beautiful yard is MAGIC when it snows!
    I know the birdies were so busy!
    I knew if I blew and blew and blew and blew that SNOW would reach you!
    Hugs to YOU!
    ANd make snow ice cream if it snows deep!

  2. Great pictures! Your yard looks like a true winter wonderland. We have yet to get any snow here. I am envious! Enjoy and keep posting those beautiful pictures of your home and yard. It is always a treat to see what is "brewing" around your kitchen and landscape. Have a nice Sunday....

  3. I'm coming to visit you and we're going to make hot chocolate and sit by the windows admiring all the snow!

    Thank you so much for my Christmas card. I got it in the mail today and it reminded me of all the cookies you baked last year. Merry Christmas sweetheart.


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