Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two new Bundt pans and one Gingerbread cottage!

Before I begin my little Gingerbread cottage project I have to show
you these sweet Bundt pans I found on e-Bay last weekend! Yes. I
do realize that I don't need more cake pans. However, when I realized
I could pick up this set for less than $4.00, I bid on them any way!

Both are Nordicware and both are stamped Bundt. The one on
the left is called the Fiesta party pan. I can't wait to use it!

I did not realize it when I bid on these pans but the original
looking one is a 6 cup, baby-Bundt pan! Now that it's just
the Two of us at home, smaller cake pans are welcome!

Okay! Let's build a Gingerbread cottage!

First, we need to prepare the Royal icing that will hold
the cottage together and Decorate the outside

The instructions recommend using a Can to support
the front and back as you Cement the sides, but I don't
have any cans in the pantry... Jars I can do though! 

This was a bit tricky. But I managed

I wish I had done this with the Boys when they were little!

Heck! I wish I had done this when I was little!
Instead though, I have Fantastic memories of
baking cookies with Oma - which I'd never trade!

I put a Coupler on the disposable pastry bag that came with
my kit so I could use several different Decorating tips. I used
the small basket weave tip here to get my icing onto the roof

I was brewing fresh Sweet tea as I worked on the roof, which was
great because by dipping my Offset spatula into the boiling water I
had left over, I was able to achieve a really Smooth, ice-like finish! 

Now for the Flourishes!

I simply could not resist using some of my edible Snowflakes to dress
up the roof. And there we have it... My very first Gingerbread cottage!

Complete with a back door! Why? Well, because this is actually the
first front door I attempted, (per the instructions) - But I didn't like
it. So it became the back door to my Sweet little gingerbread cottage!

I like it. Especially since it gives me something to Show for spending
the whole second Sunday of advent at home in my old Yoga pants!

It also gives me a reason to use my new Martha
Stewart, 2010 limited edition cake stand!

And, since none of us care for Gingerbread at all, I imagine
this cottage will make a nice holiday Snack for our darling
little raccoon family at the end of the Holiday season!

It's half-time so I will run Outside to show you a little of what it looks
like around the house right now. In the Forest, on the other side of the
creek, someone wrapped a little Color around a few of the big trees!  

Of all the exterior lights used on the property at Christmas, I
always look forward to seeing the Star on the chimney the most!

For fourteen years it has guided me Home through our
neighborhood on the West coast, and now on the East coast!

There's lots more but it's Freezing out here... So next time!


  1. You're such a show off--you and those cake stands! You know I'm jealous :-)

    I've never done a gingerbread house before, mainly ecause I don't like gingerbread. BUt I've always thought they were fun and cute. I tell myself I'm going to make one every year and I never do because I talk myself out of it. Maybe this is my year!

    BTW, I found some of those edible snowflakes at Michaels and picked up a bag!

  2. I love your gingerbread house!! (And your cake stands!) We made them a couple of years ago with my kids and nieces and nephews. They had so much fun decorating with all the candy. I have gingerbread cookie jars all over my kitchen.

  3. Wow...that gingerbread house is so great!!! I've always been afraid to make my own...I've only been to a "class" with my son where they were pre-assembled and they supplied the fixin's. :) Can you believe they didn't have pastry bags, though?

    So jealous of all of those cake stands. I want to go shopping with you!


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