Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Swapin' Sugar

When my Favorite blogger-friend, Monica suggested a cookie
swap I jumped at it. Have you seen Monica's Blog? Go Here now
and you'll understand exactly why I jumped to swap Cookies with her!

Monica is fabulous so she deserves Fabulous cookies, which
means only Bridget's cookies will do for our swap! I keep
testing other sugar cookie Recipes people tell me I simply
must try, but honestly, so far, Nothing beats Bridget's recipe
for cookies that taste great and Hold their shape while baking!

Having said all of that I have to tell you about This Sugar Cookie
recipe... Now it spread way more than I would have liked - even after I put
the cut cookies into the Freezer for 10 minutes before I baked them. So I won't be
using it for Gillian's cookies I'm baking this Friday - However, when I put the scrap
piece I baked to taste in my mouth, for a moment I was transported back in time
to when I was Seven years old, baking and decorating sugar cookies for the
first time with my Oma for our Christmas. This recipe tastes Exactly
like those wonderful cookies I had almost forgotten forever!    

It may have something to do with the fact that Amanda's cookie recipe
requires Twice the amount of sugar and four times the eggs of Bridget's recipe...

Whatever it is, these Cookies are just plain yummy! And tomorrow, after
they are all dry, I'll bag them up and send both kinds to Monica. And to
the Ranger and of course, several will end up in Monterey too!

Because leaving them here could be Dangerous!

Oh my! It's getting Late so I'm afraid my snowflakes
will have to wait for Decoration until tomorrow evening

As long as I get the packages out by Friday everyone will be happy

And happy at Christmas is a good thing!


  1. pretty roses and yummy cookies. I hope mine make it to you in one piece. I wrapped them well but younever know. I sent you a dozen in various shapes so you'll have a few cookies to nibble on. I'll refrain from posting them on my blog so they'll be a surprise. I hope you like them! They went out today and should be there by Monday!

    I'm so excited!

  2. I want to be your neighbor. Really I just want you to bake me cookies. Then again your yard looks so awesome and would look even better with me sitting in it drinking a glass of wine AND eating your cookies. That's it. I have to move.

  3. I think your my first 'bad' review! ;)

    Glad you liked the cookies... your decorating skills are amazing!! Well done!!

    Be blessed-

  4. Your cookies are gorgeous! What a fun idea!

    I love Amanda's site, too! I want to try those cookies with the extra sugar!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, your little Christmas trees look so yummy! I want one :-)


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