Friday, December 4, 2009

Final lighting update!

It only took me, Too long but I finally found a light fixture worthy
of the foyer! I'm embarrassed to admit that while I searched, we've
had to live with this Poor excuse for decorative illumination! 

As you can probably guess from the precarious Perch set-up required
to change out this Fixture, it's not like I could, test a lot of options until I
found one I decided was just right. Yes, like I do with Everything else he
hangs and has to Uninstall after I decide it's not quite right... I really had
to get this right the First time! And, I knew I had when I saw this Beauty! 

I love it from all angles! I love its Brightness, its shape, the Seeded glass, which
matches the glass I chose for the Kitchen cabinets - I love Everything about it!
In fairness to the Old disco fixture, it is probably the fact that I quit asking him
to clean it a few years ago, (in protest) that it was more Dim than the new one

I've always been at work whenever he's Cleaned the old fixture
or painted the Walls up there. So last night, after I witnessed him
standing  on that board stretched between his two Ladders to hold the
new fixture Up so I could decide on the drop length, I begged him to wait
until I got home Tonight to make the switch. I told him if I knew he was
doing this Trapeze act without me as his Spotter I wouldn't be able to
concentrate at work. He agreed, therefore, I never thought about
it Once today! Then I came home to find this and...

Decided to Forgive him! What do you think of my choice?

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  1. Very pretty, but I have to admit, I didn't dislike the first one :-)

    When do we get to see the rest of the lights ON your house?


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