Friday, December 18, 2009

My snow day!

I took the day off from work to finish my Christmas packages...
My snowflake Cookies are dry and decorated, which means I can
finally finish all the Christmas gift boxes I have been waiting to mail!
I ordered Snow for later on this morning... You could say I'm
encouraging the atmosphere with my Snowflake cookies
Which means it's sure to snow now!
This is the last of the packages!
And, as if on cue... It's Snowing!
It is... It's really Snowing!
I love Snow! Especially snow just before Christmas!
Looks like he filled the Feeders this morning just in time!
Birds in snow - Fantastic!
We're off to the Post office now with all my Christmas
packages and it looks like it's going to be a fun drive!
You stay here Cousin It... and when I get
back I want to see a lot more snow!
I want to see your branches Bent down under the weight of snow!
Joy for Snow is what I feel!
Ut-oh! Maybe he was right about the Roads getting worse!
Okay... We've made it back home in one piece! And,
what do we see on Cousin It? More Snow! Just as I asked...
My crab-pot Trees look wonderful in the snow too!
Everything looks amazing in this Beautiful snow...
Now you see it...
Now you don't!
Show off!
The wind has picked up and it's Cold!
Brrrrr... That's what my Koi are probably saying in there!
I believe we already have the three Inches predicted
And it's Still snowing!
No... No one's complaining here!
The more it snows the Happier I get!
Because there's plenty of food in the
pantry and the Generator works just fine!
So let it Snow!
Since I've delivered the party cookies I have nowhere to be tomorrow!
We're not in Monterey any more!
The top of the Solarium is covered now
Look at the Deck... It sure will be a chilly walk to the hot tub later!
All the birds are tucked into their nests now
It's so Peaceful out here... I love living out in the country!
Just us and the snow
And all his sleeping gardens
And Cousin It all covered in white lights
Things are just as they should be this evening...
For after Autumn, comes Winter - Yea!


  1. Ah! The glorious snow. I'm so jealous. It was 65 degrees today and that is predicted for the next 5 days. Perhaps we'll get a cold front in time for Christmas. Cross your fingers for us!

    Your pictures on the snow really are lovely. I would love to walk around with you taking pictures in the cold. Ooh then we'd go inside and bake and have so much fun!

  2. Your cookies are lovely, and I enjoyed the photos of your snow. have a pool...and I'm jealous!

  3. Your cookies are beautiful! I followed your directions and got all of my ingredients ready only to discover that I have no appropriate cookie cutters. It's off to the store again to redeem another Michael's coupon for cookie cutters tomorrow. Thanks for all of your advice. Enjoy the snow! We are supposed to get hammered with it on Sunday!

  4. I love the lights in your tree with the snow!!! It looks like a greeting card, Janet!

    I'm making snowflake cookies next week. Is it too much to ask that it snows in Houston TWICE in one December?!? I'm hoping I have some of your snow making magic! :)

  5. Oh Janet!
    Now I realize this is suppose to be a 'whisper'...but I can barely contain get ready...this is going to be a shout out...
    Did you hear that from way up here in Seattle? back to whispering...I am in total awe at your snowflake cookies! I thought only Bridget could create such beauties! I have discovered lately...creating these delicasies is no easy task.
    I am slowly but surely getting all the bit & pieces to create them...but I just can't make them as pretty yet. I have learned alot from Bridget...yours are just perfection!
    I know your recipients were as delighted as my mom was to receive your cookies.
    I need to get me some of those squishy peanuts to package with!
    Now...about all of your hubby and I were scrolling down ooohing and aaaawing over each!
    So delighted you were blessed with such a lovely snow!
    Is this in California?
    I have dear friends that I just made who live in Monterey...and have a 2nd home next door to us here on Bainbridge!
    This is getting I must make myself STOP...but I could write much more!
    I got chill bumps when I read your comment on my blog...I just smiled and read it to my hubby!
    This is why I blog!
    We need to fly off to GERMANY together.
    Another love of mine...Garmish!
    Oh how I adore that area!


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