Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day dinner... reservations Not required!

When he asked me where I wanted to have dinner for Mother's Day I responded, at Home! I hate eating out, and after being without a proper Kitchen for over a month I couldn't wait to get back to Cooking my own meals...

the Cast of characters

my Surf & Turf is always made better with a sweet, grilled Vidalia onion

by Coring it and stuffing the onion with unsalted Butter and beef bouillon cubes,
it turns into something that tastes like sweet French onion Candy - Yum!

First some Butter...

then One bouillon cube...

repeat with more Butter, and another Bouillon cube!
cover with a bit of Kosher salt, cracked Pepper and finish with a drizzle
of extra-virgin Olive oil. Then out, onto the Grill it goes until it Falls apart

Nothing better than Shrimp on the barbie!

But just for a Minute or two on each side, of course

Who needs the Filet? Hand me a Lemon and I'll call this Dinner!

He loves my Mother's Day dinners!

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