Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Friday!

This will be a Strange weekend for me... It's the weekend we become Empty nesters. The first weekend in Twenty-one years that our house will Sleep only two. I am exactly the same age my Mom was when I moved out at Eighteen. Feels strange... 

Looks like I'm not the only one about to Clear the nest...
These teenagers are on their Way out too! I bet that when I
peek in on this Nesting box tomorrow it'll be empty. Kinda like
the third Bedroom upstairs that Overlooks this beautiful garden
Man! For some reason, this was a Long, short week! I'm not the only one
that Feels this way either... Everyone at the Office was feeling it too. Can't say
why the week seemed to Drag but it did. Now that the week is Behind me it's time
to unwind in the Garden. Nothing relaxes me Better than seeing my ducks enjoying
their Dinner by the pond! Some people Relax with wine, for me it's this!
Seeing bloomers Helps too!
Fortunately for me... There are Lots to see!
Everywhere and all Around!
I get why people Love azaleas so much...
Is there anything Better than these late-Blooming azaleas?
I enjoy how this red Azalea hugs the Corner of this garden bed
Oh my! The fire Lily has decided to Join us!
I love Delphinium, especially this Lavender color!
Delphinium is part of the Buttercup family - too Cute
As you can See... I have not yet Won the battle of the two Pine
trees to be planted. Nevertheless, I love coming home to this View!

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