Monday, May 18, 2009

Sad... But glad to be Home!

This was the Saddest sight yesterday... It was so hard to say Good-bye again. We followed
Brandon out of the hotel Parking lot, and after this light turned Green he went right and we went
Left. But we didn't get too far because just Five minutes later Brandon called to say he missed us already,
and that he forgot to take the Tide we picked up for him at the Commissary out of my truck. After a few
minutes of, we can Turn around/no, don't, it's too much Trouble/I miss you/we miss you too, we turned
around for One more hug and to deliver the Tide. And, that turned into Lunch, and a few more hugs! 
Eventually though we did have to let Brandon get back to his Army life and hit the
road for our Long drive back home. We logged 1,402 miles this trip! On the way home
we stopped back by the Antique shop we shopped in Greenville, SC on the way down. I'd
been thinking of a Little crock I saw but didn't take with me. I remembered the Lady said they
were open on Sunday until five o'clock. The extra hour we Spent with Brandon coupled with Atlanta
traffic and the fact that it Rained the whole way didn't make it Easy but we pulled off at Exit 46C at
4:57PM and made it just in time before they Closed! I think T was worried I was going back for the
Yoda but it truly was all about this crock. Don't have a Spot picked out for it yet, but it was a Must have!
Yes, I know the new white I picked out for the Kitchen is too white... He's almost agreed to repaint
Here is another Must have! This is my Favorite bagged salad mix... I buy it
at Costco at least 2-3 times a week. Sometimes more. Why? It's the dressing! A yummy
salad Dressing I've been hunting three years, since I discovered this salad mix. It's not sold
in Stores. At least it's not Sold in stores between Virginia and Georgia. Because I've looked!
But last week I found it on line, Here
My order was Delivered while we were away... 
I'm so happy! And, I'm sending you a couple of Bottles
too! Then, I'm ordering Another case... Or three!
While I was at work Today someone was
working Hard to put the yards back together
Because a lot happens around here in Four days. Whether we're
here to see it or not! Like this for Instance... We don't eat them
but that's just because the Critters get there before we do! 
Standing here on the deck in the Breeze, I swear I just heard... Welcome back!
It's so Good to be back!
My, how his Hostas have grown!
I can't see the Pond any more, they're so big!
Last time I saw this Hosta there was a Big rock
in front of it! Can't see the rock any more...
The forest is Completely dark now that all the leaves are
back. I love the way it Smells and how cool it is over there 
Oh Look! We have Toe-mat-tee-oes now!
And, the pink Mountain Laurel bloomed while we were away too...
Hello fishies!
St. Francis has a Ladybug in his hair!
(click photo to enlarge) 
I've missed my View!
Last of the Dogwood blossoms... Always signals the End of spring
And, what a Spring it's been!
The little Japanese maple in front of the Livingroom
window is full of pretty Leaves now. Look at those Reds!
My ducks are glad we're Home again too!
Yup! I sure do miss Brandon but it's good to be Home and back to this view!

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