Friday, May 8, 2009

Babies and Blooms!

Took a peek into the Bluebird house this evening...
And, I saw pure Love! New bluebirds snuggled together. Gets no better
than this. Well, except at the black capped Chickadee house next to this one... 
When he opened it up for me to See, the cutest, smallest black capped Chickadee 
I've ever seen flew right out! We watched it flutter over to a tree and immediately, it was
met by its parents. You should have Heard them! I imagine they were saying, Well Done!
Time for a little Spin around the gardens now to see what's new... 
This is the Perfect end to the Week I had!
See? It's Mother's Day and the Azaleas are in full Bloom!
Full bloom!
Happy Pink Mother's Day to me!
I love Pink azaleas!
Some new Cat's whiskers have joined the Party on the deck!
I asked him to find a New spot for the St. Francis we moved to make
room for the new one by the Arbor... And, I agree that This is it!
Happy Weekend!

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