Friday, November 29, 2013

Martha by Mail Victorian Ornament Cutters and a Oui, Sugar! Discount Code!

I've been waiting all year to work with this set of Victorian Glass
Ornament cookie cutters from the Martha by Mail catalog collection!
I cherish all of my Martha by Mail cookie cutter
sets but I cannot lie... This is one of my most favorites!
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it's time for Christmas cookies! But how?!
Who has the time?! I hear you... There's all this cooking, shopping and traveling
to do! Well, I'll tell you how... The greatest thing about decorated sugar cookies
is that you can cut your shapes in advance and freeze them to decorate later! To
learn more about how to successfully freeze sugar cookie shapes, pick up my
Cookie Recipe and Decorating Tips Guide here. I promise the time you will save
is well worth the price and there's also an e-version to help put it in your hands
today! Now... I do feel a little bad showing you these ornament cookies knowing
these cutters are no longer available... So before we talk about decorating them, I
want to let you know that my sweet friend Dani Fiori has designed a charming
set of ornament cutters for I know you'll love just as much!
The design possibilities for decorating ornament cookies is truly unlimited!
I decorated this collection for a friend who asked if I could match some of the
ornaments on her family Christmas tree! They'll make the perfect favors for her
party guests to take home too. I've also created some with holes in the tops so
they will hang on the arrangement of branches my friend is using as a centerpiece!
These cookies were decorated using my royal icing recipe tinted in
festive holiday colors and embellished with both decorative dragees and
edible white nonpareils! I've put these things together for you in my decorating
kit... But more about that and the promo code to save you money a bit later!
These mini snowflake cookies are the perfect compliment to my ornament cookie
collection and were created using this mini snowflake copper cookie cutter!
Snowflakes took me to sorting through the rest of my holiday cutter
collection and I couldn't resist creating a few of these ice skates! I have
such fond memories of ice skating as a kid... In fact, I recently saw a pair
of skates just like the ones my parents gave me, in a local antique shop!
But that does not make me old... No it doesn't!
As I said, everything you need to decorate cookies this holiday season
is in my 24-piece decorating kit... But don't take my word for it,
my friend David recently put it to the test and wrote about it here!
In addition to my starter set, I'm also offering a new sanding sugars
set complete with a decorating card that outlines the flocking and
sugaring techniques I use in most of my decorating with colored sugars!
I loved putting these kits together and hope you enjoy using them!
Now, about that promo code... Between now and December 13th, use
promo code FRIENDDISCOUNT to save 15% off your total order
through my Oui, Sugar! on-line marketplace! Plus, everyone that
places an order for both decorating kits will receive the e-version of my
Recipes and Decorating Tips Guide FREE via an e-mail from me!
While you're shopping, don't miss this set of mini accent cutters. I
have just a few sets left! They're perfect for message banners like these...
What are you waiting for? Get to your baking!

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  1. You are such a talented lady Janet. I hope that your friend loves the cookies, I am sure that she will! xx


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