Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lazy Sunday Autumn Views

The choice whether or not to spend this
gorgeous autumn day outside was made...
The moment I looked out the kitchen window!
The feeders were full of birds, the trees, as you know, are on fire...
There was a steady breeze keeping the wind chimes playing...
And, someone had already hung the hammock
and carried down my pillow and blanket!
As I made my way down to my hammock
spot, I couldn't help but admire the trees some more!
This is definitely the time of year that confirms the wisdom of
planting all the Japanese Maple trees you can get your hands on!
They are just too beautiful for words!
I'm especially fond of this one since Army dad nearly destroyed it
by accidentally backing into it with his truck a couple of years ago!
Of course, he denies this. Claims he merely broke a limb or two...
I remember it being far worse. Nevertheless, I'm grateful for its recovery!
This specimen began its life here in our garden damaged...
It was barely a twig sticking out of a pot at Costco...
It was the last pot standing, marked down to $8.00...
He said it would come back...
I thought he was throwing away $8.00. But I was mistaken!
If you don't already enjoy Japanese Maple
trees in your landscape, put them on your list!
Now that the leaves are falling it was time to put the net over the koi
pond. Partly to keep the leaves out but also, as the canopy above
thins, our pond becomes more visible to Herons looking for a snack!
They claimed all but three of our largest koi few years ago; however, now
that we're on to them it won't happen again. No more free sushi here!
Autumn moves through pretty quickly around here...
I've barely begun to plan our Thanksgiving menu
and already there's Christmas music playing on the radio!
You'll forgive me if I ignore it a little while longer...
I just want to give autumn its due. After all, this is our
reward for enduring the heat and humidity of summer!
So as much as I'm looking forward to the holiday baking season...
For the next few weeks I plan to enjoy the harvest season...
From the comfort of my hammock by the creek...
Wrapped up in my down-filled blanket to ward off the chill in the air...
Taking in the colorful sights and sounds that surrounds me!
You may listen to my day here...


  1. Just beautiful!!! Yep - between you and another maple lover...I have decided to give up my quest for tropicals until I am able to have an adequate greenhouse. I am trading in my angel trumpets and plumerias for Japanese maples again. They really have been my favorites for many many it's no big surprise. Our first maple for the house this spring was a coral bark and now that fall is here - she's not disappointing - getting redder by the day!

    1. Thank you so much, Tiffany! I cannot wait to see your gardens... you're right, the coral bark is reallty something to see!

      Happy Fall!


  2. Just beautiful, and a much better way to spend the day than stuck indoors! I do love your maples especially the rescue one. Hope all the fish make it - naughty Mr heron taking them without even asking! xx

    1. Naughty Mr. Heron INDEED, Amy!!

      He'd better keep his nose out of our pond!


  3. Breathtaking. I loved the sounds. We have several Japanese Maple and Hydrangea Trees waiting on the trailer for me to get planted. This was definite inspiration to get that done today. Keep the pictures coming please.


    Cottage Making Mommy

    P.S. How is Leo doing?

    1. Thank you, Valerie - I was afraid my readers were getting sick of the tree photos! :)

      Thank you for asking about Leo. He's doing quite well. Although, I must tell you... He still hasn't warmed up to me as well as Bing did. Leo still bites me for no reason and isn't nearly the snuggler my Bing was! :( Nevertheless, he's part of the family now, so he gets to stay!


  4. Thank you For sharing that, I really enjoyed the walk along with you and seeing the great colors of your Back Yard. When I see different parts of the worlds leaves changing it makes me Miss Massachusetts even more. I hope to be able to go back some day and see that part of the season again. We do not get to many leaves turning colors here in Texas.


  5. This is such a beautiful post, Janet! Your pictures are gorgeous, making me feel as if I've just stepped into another world. We do not have many trees here in the desert that lose their leaves or change colors; but we do have a certain Ash that provides us with a glimpse of glorious color in January or February. Yes, we have to wait just a few more months. We do have cooler days and even cooler evenings now which means temps are in the 70's and 80's (daytime) -- anything in the 70's calls for long-sleeves. We even drop into the 40's and 50's at night, usually early enough in the evening to warrant a fire in the fireplace. This is the time of year that we long for during our extreme summers. I do hope you enjoyed your hammock!


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