Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumnal Owls and Halloween Bat Cookies for the road!

Can you believe it's already October?
I sure can't!
I mean, I've been wishing the year would move in super slow motion ever
since we learned that October is the month our Ranger deploys back
to Afghanistan for the fourth time. Nevertheless, despite my wish...
That the day would never come or that at the very least someone
would call it off... Here we are, with less than five days to go!
Of course, I'm doing what I usually do before a deployment...
Filling the time I should be sleeping with baking busy-work!
Because who can sleep? Not me... I'm still going strong on day six!
Sunday I finished sorority cookies for a friend and tonight, it's Owls and Bats!
I've wanted to create these owl cookies for the longest time!
I've been a huge fan of Dani Fiori ever since I saw her Snow Globe cookies in
the December 09 issue of Martha Stewart Living... And, you already know how
crazy I am for cookie cutters from, so when they partnered, I
couldn't wait to add the new Sweet DaniB cookie cutters to my collection!
You can find Dani's template for her Autumnal Owl here. And you can
pick up this great cookie cutter #5182 from right here
The decoration for this owl employs all the same decorating
techniques I learned following my friend Bridget's blog!
Outlining, flooding and wet-on-wet icing designs!
I like it!
I like it... A lot!
A few of these wise owls will be traveling to Ft. Benning in a couple of days...
Because I want the Ranger to have one before he leaves! I mean, this will be
the second Christmas he's overseas and the fourth birthday he'll miss at home
too. So the least that can happen is he gets to have one of my Halloween cookies...
Thank you in advance for the prayers I know you're sending
for our Ranger and all our brave men and women in uniform


  1. Love, love, love your beautiful inspired edible artwork from your kitchen! I'm right there with you vicariously enjoying the delicious experience (and praying every day for your dear brave Ranger and peace to every being on the planet). Thank you too, for the wonderful expressions on your blog--such a blessing to me and others. xoxo

  2. Thankful every day for your son and all of our other brave men and women in service.
    I am going to check out that blog about outlining and flooding because your cookies are always so pretty and mine look like a kindergartener frosted them. I need to make some for the Habitat ReStore fundraiser in November.

  3. I've been looking forward to these, Janet! As usual, you did not disappoint; they're beautiful.
    Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Wow, your decorating is those owls (they look like pretty big cookies). Thank you to your brave Ranger for serving our country. Stevie

  5. Those owls are beautiful! I can never get the flood icing to turn out right. I sure do enjoy seeing your wonderful creations though!

  6. Janet - they turned out fabulous and I bet they taste wonderful. :D

    And always - all soldiers stay in my prayers each and every day - and special prayers for the ones that I have a face to put with those prayers.

  7. Your owls are so, so cute! And I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you and for the Ranger's safe return from the desert.

  8. You always make the most beautiful cookies and this time with that little extra of a heart on the owls is outstanding. Ranger is sure to love his share of them. Praying all goes well with him and all the military serving over there. My thoughts are with him and especially you at the times that are hardest for you as his Mother. Please know that you are loved as is your family and in our prayers

  9. Your owls and bats are perfect, Janet! They will definitely be a special treat for your son to have with him overseas...a bit of home:)I will pray for him, and you too of course! I truly appreciate the sacrifice!

  10. The cookies look fabulous- sending hugs to you and prayers for your Ranger for safe return for all :)

  11. Finally catching up on my blog reading. Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to pick up Bridget's book. These cookies look fantastic. My boys would go BONKERS for the bat cookies. :)

  12. Bat looks really eye candy:)
    I just had a birthday party for my 9 year old yesterday.Everything turned out lovely. The kids loved the Swamp Creature Toes, Candy Corn Pizza and Bandaged Fingers.
    I will definitely give cookies a try on halloween.


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