Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mount Vernon... The last stop on our DC tour!

 The two things we never miss during any of our
visits to DC are Monticello and Mount Vernon!
And today was Mount Vernon's turn!
Just like Jefferson's Monticello, Washington's Mount Vernon estate
draws you in, wraps its arms around you and begs you to stay awhile!
As beautiful as the facade is, the back of Mount Vernon is just as lovely!
Sweeping views of the Potomac made us say ahhhhh...
Of course, this is the view I loved the most!
Mom and I sat a'spell...
And we giggled a little too!
George and Martha would have approved!
They no longer allow photos inside the mansion. If you would
like to see the photos I took during our last visit... Click here
Mount Vernon is still a self-guided tour, where you may set your own pace...
To see as much for as long as you'd like!
Which is our favorite way to tour!
Mostly because I'm not a plaque-reader... Unlike someone else I know!
I'd rather look at something 50 different ways at 50 different times of day...
Than to stand and stare at each thing for hours on end!
Opposites do attract!
Secrets from a 27-year marriage...
You may thank me later!
Farewell my dear Mount Vernon... Until we meet again!
On our way off the estate we stopped by the Washington tomb...
Where George and his beloved rest in peace...
Along with 25 relatives also interred behind the wall grate there...
Sleep with our gratitude, dear Washington's!
Aside from the fabulous weather we've enjoyed throughout our
entire trip, today was an especially good day to visit Mount Vernon...
For the Colonial Market and Fair was going on too!
We visited with the exhibitors and even had lunch...
Mom mistook the turkey leg for a turkey sandwich...
And we watched chocolate being made!
On the way out, we passed Ye ole' recruiting station...
And then passed through the gardens at Mount Vernon!
This is an example of the one thing missing from my gardens at
home... I'm in desperate need of citrus trees... Exactly like this!
I could stay at Mount Vernon forever!
Since our last visit, a museum has been added to Mount Vernon...
It's worth seeing!
And, taking note!
Many of the same things that applied during Washington's time still apply today...
Thank goodness the outhouse isn't one of them!
I hope you enjoyed seeing our latest tour of Mount Vernon as much as we did...
Now that we're back home, Mom is all about enjoying the gardens here!
I've never ventured onto the riding mower... But I sure hope that
when I'm seventy-one years old I'll be able to do it if I want to!


  1. Thanks for the great 'virtual tour'! Beautiful!

  2. Aaaah thank you for a lovely trip.It was a beautiful sight to these old eyes. I did notice someting that I am going to share with my daughter and maybe she can make it. In the kitchen on the wall hung a shelf that looked so much like a Queen Anne table sawed in half lengthwise with the legs as the shelf support.
    The outhouse is certainly something I am familiar with as we had no indoor plumbing when I was growing up.
    If you chose a semi dwarf to dwarf size of citrus tree and grew it in a very large pot you could have a citrus tree in your garden. You would have to take it inside a covered building for the winter to protect it. I grew several and then when I had my accident and had to give up so much, I had my daughter dig them up and plant them at her house. I've received some lucious citrus fruits ever since. I know your gardener husband could grow them for you so you could have the most beautiful smelling flowers when they bloomed. Check it out in the plant catalogs and you'll find several varieties.
    Again thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. I will remember the lovely photos you shared always. Best wishes for a great day.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip, I love all the pictures :)


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