Saturday, September 22, 2012

Washington DC and the Capitol Tour with Mom and Dad!

We checked out of the Jefferson Hotel this morning and headed...
To the Ritz at Tyson's Corner just outside of Washington, DC!
Where we spent 11 hours touring!
The first stop on our agenda today was the US Capitol!
It was a fantastic way to begin the day!
I hope you enjoy this picture-tour as much as we enjoyed the real thing!
Following our tour this afternoon, we sat in on the Senate in session and
saw Al Franken (as acting President pro tempore) and listened to Senator
Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) speak to the matter of Fast and Furious. He also
read a letter from the family of slain border agent, Brian Terry. To close,
he called (again) for the resignation of Eric Holder. Then, Tom Harkin,
(D-Iowa) got up and began to tear down Paul Ryan's budget plan so we
left. Interesting stuff watching our government at work... That's for sure!
It was another beautiful day to be on vacation with Mom and Dad!
Inside the rotunda looking up into the Capitol dome!

Last time we were here there was another name above this door...
Mom and dad were delighted to see Father Serra in monument hall!
In his hand is the Carmel mission where they attend Mass every
weekend, where Army dad and I renewed our vows on our 6th
wedding anniversary and where both our sons were baptized!

Ronald Reagan has been added since our last visit...
Those are chunks of the Berlin wall set into the base...

The library of Congress across the street is still on our list...

On the way to dinner we stopped...
To let Mom pose with Einstein...
She lived in Austria for a while and he was
at the top of every history lesson at her school!
This evening we walked the mall...
We walked until almost midnight...
It was time well spent!

 Goodnight Mr. Jefferson!


  1. Wow! Your pics are great! Thanks for sharing. Happy Vacation!

  2. We loved DC - I think my favorite part was walking the National Mall at night... Have a wonderful vacation with your family Janet!!

  3. Thanks so much for that wonderful tour of our nations capital. I did enjoy it as much as you did sharing it with us. You are so generous sharing your time and photos with us and I appreciate it so much as this is the only way I will ever get to see some of our most prestigeous sites around our country. Many thanks for all you do to make it possible to share with the rest of us your delightful trips and anything else you think we might enjoy. Best wishes for the time of your life with your Mom and Dad while they are visiting.


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