Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Island Adventure... Bikinis and Fruity drinks optional!

Yesterday our new best friend, Ann over at Surface Products
treated me to this view of my slab making its way over to fabrication...
First of all, how great are these photos? People that know me well know I'm a bit
of a control freak. Especially when it comes to projects around the house. I wasn't
always this way... I started out throwing darts at the phone book or asking friends
for recommendations and then hiring contractors I believed would show up and
execute my vision the best. Then I'd write deposit checks and go back to work.
However, after the fence contractor I hired to build the fence around the pool
decided it was better to use less lumber leave a quarter-inch gap between each
board and then helped himself to the old microwave we intended to donate to
habitat for humanity... And the painter I hired to remove the wall paper and
paint decided his $3,000 estimate didn't actually include any painting at all...
And the solarium contractor thought they could hide that they tore out
too much brick by nailing a board over the hole in the wall... Oh! And, the
electrician I hired to run power to the pool hit the phone, cable and septic
tail lines, which required us to have to install an $18,000.00 sand-filtration
septic system - And, have our tank pumped weekly for three months while
the state of North Carolina camped out on our lawn in white lab coats to test
and determine whether or not our soil would perk... I decided a little control
couldn't hurt. What I love about Ann at Surface Products is that while I didn't
share any of these past contractor-horror stories with her, (sadly there are
more) Ann decided just as a matter of providing exceptional customer service,
that she would keep me posted on the progress of my project via photographs!
So while I was doing my thing at the dream job today, Ann was busy working
on her promise to involve me in the process... Every step of the way! Receiving
Ann's e-mail with these photos was like being in two places at the same time!
This is definitely not the level of service or attention to detail you'll get buying
counter tops at Lowe's or Home Depot. And trust me... I know! While it's true
that big box stores may offer, (depending on how hard you're willing to fight) to
make up for deficiencies in materials and errors in workmanship by knocking off
a few bucks after you've paid and agreed to live with a sub-par result for your
project... I've learned that working with people who just produce gorgeous
counter tops or just build beautiful cabinetry are the people who not only
take pride in their craft, they work just as hard to keep your business!
When choosing finishes for your home, especially granite, stone or marble...
Don't limit yourself to the selections of a corporate buyer. And, don't make the
mistake of assuming that price is better at the big box stores either. If you've
never been, go to a granite and marble yard. Make yourself part of your
project and participate in the process. And work with people like Ann!
By working with experts in their field, we learn something new... Through
the sharing of ideas we can become inspired to incorporate something unique
into our surroundings. At the very least, I promise you will enjoy seeing all the
different options available and, you might just find something spectacular you
didn't even know you couldn't live without. At least that was my experience!
Although I do love my Corian Rain Cloud counter tops, my long-suffering
desire for carrara was like an itch I couldn't scratch. I just had to have some! And
because I know suggesting that we tear out the counters for a third time could
very well result in my being divorced... Adding a bit of carrara to the island in my
kitchen is just enough to soothe my itch! Yes, I know carrara can etch and stain
and even chip too. But as much as I fuss over keeping my things clean and nearly
as perfect as the day I bought them, I am still that little german girl at heart who
believes there's nothing more warm and comforting than a well-worn kitchen
counter top like the one my Oma had. It says I love my family and friends through
the food I create here. And, nothing conveys that sentiment better than carrara!
I cannot lie... Seeing that stunning slab of carrara marble I met a week
ago be transformed into my island top through Ann's pictures was a thrill!
But don't let all this power of computerized machinery fool you. Because
while it certainly had a role in the fabrication of my new kitchen island...
At Surface Products they rely on the
expertise, talent and passion of true artisans...
Artisans dedicated to sculpting marble into...
Works of art!
Honestly, this shot of my newly liberated
carrara kitchen island caused me to swoon a little!
Okay... You caught me... I swooned a lot!


  1. Beautiful. I bet you are so excited!


  2. Tonight's the night!!! So excited for you. Anne is fantastic to have done these photos for you and you are right, businesses such as hers rely on their reputation (big box stores should follow their example)she certainly is doing everything possible to make and keep her company's stellar.


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