Friday, March 30, 2012

Kitchen Display Cabinet Update!

I came home from work this evening to find the new
display cabinet standing in the kitchen. And guess what?
Someone decided to load it up with some of my cake stands and other
kitchen goodies to demonstrate to me how great he thinks it looks...
Just the way it is! That's right... My dear husband believes I should
leave it alone. He likes the distressed look and he's especially fond of
the contrast of the natural wood against the white walls. I disagree. I
am still on board with white-wash and adding beadboard to the inside
back. We do agree on one thing though... It needs a lot more shelves!
He also suggested that since most of my cake stands and serving pieces
are white, they'll disappear against an all-white cabinet. I still disagree;
however, I did agree to live with it for a week before I do anything else
Which gives me time to focus on my Easter cookie baking
this weekend and to get my beadboard plan nailed down!
Where do you land on this? Leave the cabinet as she stands now,
natural... Or white washed with a beadboard placed into the back?


  1. I would consider the white wash but I think it looks charming the way it is! It really makes your white cake stands STAND out! It displays them quite well actually! But you are so handy...I'm sure it will turn out beautifully no matter what you do (or don't do) to it!
    Good luck and post more pics!

  2. Janet, I LOVE this cabinet! What about white washing it and have painted beadboard in the back to contrast with your beautiful cake plates to make them pop? Here is a link to give you some ideas. Maybe a soft green (something to mimic your Jadite??)to bring a little outside in? Not sure what other colors you have throughout the house, but you have such a beautiful yard, I can't help but think about bringing some of that inside! Can't wait to see it regardless of what you choose! Here is the link:


  3. I think you're are going to get your way with this one! haha! Nice piece!!

  4. White washed, but maybe if you paint the beadboard backer a color? I have a white bookcase but painted the back a light blue and I like the way it pops.

  5. I like the idea of white-washing it, but agree that the inside could be a soft color to complement the white dishes. You could still go with the bead board, but I'm liking Shelly's idea of the green.
    Paint is cheap! If you don't like the look, change it. :)
    I do LOVE this piece, but you really do need more shelves!

  6. White washing will make this piece just look shabby vintage...
    I do think the bead board inside needs to be a soft you have a color theme going? Of course pink is probably out of the question? lol
    Just a beautiful piece..and I love your cake stand collection too!
    Can't wait to see the end result~
    Can't believe its almost Easter!

  7. From my sad experience of whitewashing a piece and placing it on a white wall, I would not reccomend it. There is a lot of white in your kitchen and that is such an exquisite piece I love it the way it is. And yes it does make the white cake stands pop. If you are determined to do a wash think about considering another color of wash for it? I think the beadboard would be a nice addition but in a washed color along with the rest of the piece or two different colors to compliment the colors you have chosen for your pop of color in your kitchen. Like Nancy said paint is cheap, and water is even cheaper for a wash. I think I would try a place in the back to experiment with the different colors you may like and then choose "the one" to wash it in. You might even see if there is a program on line that you can upload a photo of your piece and place different colors of paint etc. on it prior to making your sselection. Whatever you decide to do I'm sure it will be as beautiful as your other decor.

  8. I vote for whitewash the cabinet and pale green bead board on the inside back...also low voltage lighting under each shelf would make your treasures pop.
    Have Fun!

  9. I would definitely paint the beadboard a color so that there is a nice contrast with your white cake plates. The whitewash will be pretty but that is quite a bit of white in your kitchen area. Under shelf lights would be a great addition too.

  10. I think you should leave it the way it is.


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