Monday, December 26, 2011

Out with the Old...

I couldn't wait to get out of bed this morning!
Usually, I wait until New Year's Eve morning to de-Christmas the house and do
my winter-time Spring cleaning... But I went into this holiday season ready for it
to be over. Now don't mistake me for Scrooge just yet... Thanksgiving was great!
But when the Ranger deployed two weeks before Christmas, the holidays officially
came to an end for me. I made it through Christmas with the help of the dream-job, an
all-consuming cookie project, and a few evenings hiding at the movies. But nothing
made me happier than going to bed last night knowing that sweet relief from the
charade of pretending to enjoy the holidays was just around the corner through
the advancement of the calendar. So... To celebrate my liberation, I was first
through the doors at Pottery Barn when it opened at 7AM, and after that, I
hit target for a few storage bins for my new collection of mercury glass!
Then, after a couple of other stops, I came home to begin the process of cleaning the
windows and de-cluttering every inch of the kitchen. I started with the countertops,
and even polished up the copper! Then I took the kitchen table from this...
To this!
And, instantly... I felt better!
This means we're on our way to Spring and another sweet homecoming!
Oh, and I didn't stop in the kitchen either!
That big haul of shopping finds piled up in the dining room could
hide no longer... I pulled all my new pieces, and cleaned them right up!
Seriously... I need to stop collecting cloche bell jars!
At least until I figure out what to do with them!
I swear I don't remember buying half of them!
They must be multiplying in my storage room!
I can't wait to decorate with them on the console in the living room! However,
despite my eagerness to toss Christmas overboard, I do plan to enjoy this...
Just a little while longer!
Pottery Barn and Target weren't my only stops this morning...
Another thing riding my last nerve lately has been all the holiday and nervous
eating. So this morning I put operation get-back-on plan into motion! I was the
first customer through the door at The Fresh Market when they opened. I loaded
up on five pounds of broccoli, three pounds of juicy heirloom tomatoes, several
California avocados, and a couple of beautiful filets I plan to grill for dinner!
Because I am beyond desperate to eat something
not dipped in chocolate and sprinkled in guilt!

How about you... How did you spend this first day after Christmas?


  1. Our tree and decorations are down, too. Time to move on to the next thing, a quilt for my hubby. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I wish I had a kitchen like yours! Deb

  2. I loved the pictures! Those steaks look yummy...I bet they were! Your console table looks more like a winter scene than a Christmas one so enjoying it longer shouldn't be considered "holiday decor" anyway. I wish I had your energy! I also wish I had your kitchen! I see a lot of things in your house that I would also pick out to decorate with AND Pottery Barn & Target are favorites of mine too. I also enjoy Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma and every kitchen gadget that ever existed. Now if I had the money & space to do it all! Happy Cleaning...just a few more days till 2012 and maybe a great new year!!

  3. Honestly, Janet; I was so relieved to have someone else feeling the same way about Christmas as I! I too, usually take everything down over New Year's, but all of mine will be put away in the next few days. I just want it gone. I do so love those bell jars!
    As far as what I did on the first day after Christmas; I read and slept the day away after we set things to right, because today I go back to work!

  4. Pottery Barn must open their doors for you when they see you parking the car!

    I'm glad that you got through Christmas and hope that you were all able to have a Skype call with the Ranger at some point over the holiday.

    P.S. I took my decorations down on New Year's Day. We had the kids and grand-kids here on the 26 & 27 and then more family came on the 29th and 30th.


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