Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's make Guittard chocolate bark!

When the sweet people at Guittard sent me all this chocolate to
try, I spent days dreaming about the things I would create with it. Of
course, Chocolate chip cookies were a must... So I made Plenty!
But another way to enjoy delicious Guittard chocolate is to create bark!
It's Thanksgiving, which means there will soon be boys at home looking for things to
munch on between meals... So I'm making bark! And, the best place for bark mix-in
goodies is The Fresh Market. Truthfully, it's my favorite place for lots of things!
Peanuts, cashews, pistachios, and other treats to mix into bark...
The Fresh Market has them all!
Plus, plenty of other things to make you Forget your worries!
So let's make Guittard chocolate bark, shall we?
First, I'm using my Pink candy scale to weigh my
chocolate... Look! Each tablet weighs 18 ounces!
Which I would have known, had I bothered to do the math. But
using my Pink candy scale is so much more fun than math!
Speaking of fun... You already know how much I LOVED NEW YORK!
But I haven't told you about the Williams-Sonoma outlet on Long Island...
 Oh yes! Despite 36-hours of pure Sea-sickness misery, I managed to get off that
cruise ship and find my way to Cedarhurst, New York and the WS outlet... It was
truly fabulous! I picked up just about Everything I've always wanted. And, on that
long, long list was this set of mixing bowls. Now, you and I both know I don't need
another set of mixing bowls, but at the low-low outlet price, they were a must!
Along with twelve new sets of Dish towels!
Oooooooo, dark Guittard chocolate. Trust me, it just doesn't get any better than this!
So far, so good!
I could have microwaved my chocolate to melt it; however, one, I
have new mixing bowls to try... And two, this way is So much better!
Just remember not to let the water boil. Too much steam may cause
condensation and the last thing we want is water in our chocolate!
Peanut butter, Yes! Water in my melted chocolate, No!
After the chocolate is melted, grab a cookie sheet and line
it with foil, being careful to keep it smooth. No wrinkles!
I created a little moat by folding up the sides of my foil sheet...
Then I sprinkled dried cherries, Cashews and cranberries over it
The mix-in possibilities for chocolate bark are truly endless!
Chunks of crystallized Ginger, dried apricots or pineapple... Anything goes!
Now that we have the center of our bark Filled, let's do the top!
More dried fruit and slivered almonds. And, a few more cashews!
Thirty minutes in the refrigerator and Wa-la! We have bark!
Oh! I forgot to tell you... I added some Heath candy bar too!
Now for the break-up!
I know a few good people at work that Deserve this!
On we go to the Milk chocolate bark!
I intended to make this a Peppermint bark but someone just
came into my kitchen and said he doesn't care for peppermint
As if this has Anything to do with him!
But we all know it does...
And, since I'm still cruising along on my CLEAN plan, and have
absolutely no intention of eating any of this, I'll let him decide!
And, he's decided it'll be Heath candy bar, peanuts and dried cherries!
And, almonds!
Another thirty Chilly minutes...
And we have another Giant fruit and nut candy bar!
After his third Taste-test he rushed into the kitchen and told me to stop
wrapping my bark in gift bags, and start loading it into storage bowls...  
Because, according to him... It's too good to share!
Fortunately for nine people at work I got some wrapped!
It's a beautiful late-Autumn day... So now that my chocolate bark is made I
think it's time to get out into the Gardens to soak up some sunshine!
 Most of the Japanese maples in the back yard are bright red right now!
This Kousa Dogwood tree and Witch Hazel shrub won't be outdone though!   
 This Kousa didn't look like much when he brought it home... But look at it now!
I'm going to miss all of this color until Spring!
 For very good reason!
Goodnight my sweet garden heaven! 
 Sleep well!
  Before I put dinner on the table I have to show you this Advent
calendar I picked up after Christmas last year at Pottery Barn!
Behind each little door there is a surprise...
Or chocolate... Which around here is hardly a surprise any more!
Have a Fantastic week!


  1. Your home seems like it would be so welcoming and delightful!

  2. OMGOodness!
    Greg just called 911!
    I fell off my chair and hit my head on the hard~wood floor at least 4 times during this post!
    ~Once when I saw those HUGE chocolate bars!
    ~Once when I saw your beautiful~shiny baking sheet!
    ~Again when I saw the BARK!
    ~And once again when I saw that MEAL at the end!!!!!
    Greg says for sure I have suffered a mild CONCUTion!
    See...I don't even know how to spell the word CONCUTION!
    The guys in your house are soooooooo lucky!
    I have always wanted to make BARK!
    And of course yours looks just like INA's!
    You PERFECT everything!
    And good for you!
    You are still CLEANSING!
    I can't tell you how bad I need to drink CLEAN and not eat the next three days!
    Please tell me I can!!!!!!!!!
    I have no will~power!

  3. Janet!!! Oh my gosh! The bark looks SO delicious and then your house...I always love seeing it! I would use that sweet pink scale every chance I got!

  4. What lovely bark and commentary and everything!! Great job!!

  5. Your home is a few acres of heaven and your bark is a few chunks of heaven.

    Beautifully written and photographed post as always.

    Love that your husband thought your sweet creations were too good to share and wish I was one of your lucky co-workers!

  6. Your home is amazing, your cooking AND baking looks amazing, and you're clearly an amazingly loving wife and mother and accomplished with your work - what can't you do!? Thanks for making this blog - I absolutely love it!

  7. I just gained 8 pounds looking at your pictures. And now I want chocolate. Not just any chocolate either. Good Guittard chocolate. You evil temptress.

  8. Your bark looks delicious! I know your house is going to be the most festive house around this Christmas!

  9. What a cool store! I wish we had a place like that here. Of course, I live in Podunk, so we don't.

    And, can I just live in your kitchen? Pretty please with fruit bark on top?

  10. What kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are always so beautiful, crisp, and clear! I love all of your food pictures and especiallly your pictures from your NY visit.


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