Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More about trees...

There was a storm last night...
 Which brought down many of the beautiful leaves on our Japanese maple trees
There was thunder and lightening, and even a Tornado watch!
Thankfully there was no tornado... Just lots of fallen leaves!
Speaking of trees... I found these sweet treats at Macy*s
this afternoon to decorate my kitchen Christmas tree!
What else would you expect to find on a Christmas tree in the kitchen?
What about you... Do you decorate around a theme? 


  1. The leaves are LOVELY...on the tree...and off! ;o)
    ANd now I KNOW i'm coming to your house...I want to sit in your kitchen with that SILVER~cupcake tree! I really really need to sit by that tree!
    I love your world!
    And I love YOU!

  2. I love the thought of a kitchen Christmas tree <3

  3. Only you would have a Christmas tree in your kitchen. I love that about you!

    Those leaves are a thing of beauty. It's hard to tell what's on the tree and what's not but it doesn't matter. It's the blanket of color that's so nice.

  4. What GORGEOUS leaves!!! Beautiful!

  5. You already have your Christmas decorations up? Why am I surprised by this, lol. Only you. The tree is lovely though!

  6. Hi Janet!
    Oh look at all those beautiful leaves! So glad there wasn't a tornado!
    I'm finally coming out of the "fog" of losing Muffin... still miss her so, but the tears have dried for now.

    I love your sparkling tree ~ the cookie ornament looks edible "from here!" LOL always thinking of eating ... oh dear!
    I have to clean my basement before one ornament comes up the stairs...
    It's really a hazard down there! So much neglect from the summer to now.

    Hoping to get lots of that done over the next three days...
    One tradition that's started in the last few years is to put up a tree over Thanksgiving weekend so that we're all together. Hoping to be able to do that this year again.

    *blessings to you and your family, Janet for a Happy Thanksgiving*


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