Friday, July 11, 2008

A little Friday Ouch and Outing

Friday began in the usual way... Me and sweet Bing snuggled up together until late morning. Little did he know that I scheduled him for Shots and a check-up today! He was due for a check-up any way, but since I saw that stray cat that's been hanging around our House standing at the Solarium door the other day, nose-to-nose with Bing through the screen, I felt I had to rush Bing in to be tested for Distemper and Feline Leukemia. Mostly since the Vet said these are diseases he could pick up through Casual contact! So one minute he's happy and Snoozing and the next minute he's...
...In his Crate. Oh, No, let's not Go!
I wished there was a Way for Bingee to know that taking
him to the vet is Just as bad for me as it is For him!
However, once we Got into the exam room, it was 
mostly just bad for him! They took his temperature the
unpleasant way, took blood too and then gave him a Combo 
vaccine and topped it all off by scraping his teeth - Ouch!
The best news I heard All day is that my Bing checked out Fine
The best part of Our trip over to our Vet's office was
the drive through Historic Bethabara Park - Home of 
the very first Moravian settlement in North Carolina
Standing in this spot looking over these Gardens,
I almost feel like I'm back in Carmel Valley
Settled in 1753 by German-speaking Protestants, Bethabara
Park nestles in a picturesque, wooded 183-acre wildlife
preserve with 126 known species of Birds and twenty miles
of nature trails. The wildlife and Gardens are amazing. And,
the very best part... It's practically right in our Backyard!  
Like Old Salem, there is lots to See and explore here!
I enjoy these old Buildings so much
Especially this beautiful Church
There are plenty of Events at Bethabara Park. In fact, there is something 
going on during each of the Four seasons - In the Spring there's the Celtic 
Festival; Summer brings Old Fashioned Independence Days; Autumn we have 
the Apple Festival; and in Winter there is the Four Christmases for children. Today 
I saw lots of Activity in the Park as they were setting up for this weekend's Strong 
Sun Festival Pow-Wow. Our favorite event at the Park is the Bookmarks Festival 
in September where Authors from all over the Country come to tell stories 
and sign their books! This year's Festival will feature 65 authors,
Illustrators and chefs of national and Regional renown and I Cannot wait! 

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