Sunday, July 27, 2008


After the storm passed I went to the Market to pick up baking potatoes for dinner. I marinated boneless chicken breasts overnight and planned to do the Usual grilled chicken with baked potatoes. But when I got to the market Mexican came to mind so I passed up the potatoes in exchange for Cilantro, avocados, limes and tomatoes and decided to try Enchiladas. I've never made enchiladas and didn't expect much success. But look!
For my picky-eater, (William) I made Cheese quesadillas
I grilled the chicken breasts, then diced them. Added chopped
red onion, crushed garlic, Cilantro, diced tomatoes and a mix of 
grated Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. A little Enchilada 
sauce and Rolled them up. I covered the finished Enchiladas with
a little more Sauce and grated Cheese, then baked them for 
fifteen minutes at 375 degrees. Served them with a little Sour
cream and my Famous guacamole... So Easy, so Good! Who knew?
After dinner I found Bing napping in the Solarium
Sweetest Cat in the whole World!
Doesn't even know I'm here...
What a Life!

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