Friday, August 8, 2014

Tastiest One-Pot Meal... Ever!

Usually this time of year I'm grilling our meals outside... However, since it
feels more like autumn than summer lately, this is where I find myself...
Inside and in search of great one-pot meals that
are super tasty as well as easy to prepare!
Oh! Also recipes that offer an excuse to use more of these
delicious tomatoes that keep coming in from our garden too!
There's nothing better than fresh, home-grown tomatoes! Just ask the
man still raving about my tomato cheddar tart from last weekend!
My favorites this year are these heirloom Mortgage Lifters!
I found this recipe while renewing my Southern Living subscription
yesterday and instantly knew it would be making an appearance tonight!
Except for two ingredients, everything it requires
was either already in my garden or in my pantry!
I simply tossed a box of uncooked rotini pasta, four cups chopped tomatoes
and a little olive oil into one of my Dutch ovens... Then, I added a bit of
oregano, a dash of Italian seasoning, 2 cups chicken stock, a medium yellow
onion, sliced, a few cubes of frozen crushed garlic and a handful of basil!
I let it come to a boil, turned the heat down to medium/low, covered
and allowed it to cook 12 minutes, until the pasta was almost tender...
Stirred it up and let it cook on low heat for an additional 12 minutes...
I apologize, I couldn't help it... I had to add another cup of tomatoes!
There's nothing I love more than a tasty
dish that's virtually effortless to make!
A few moments before my timer went
off, I tossed in some raw shrimp and let them cook...
As soon as the shrimp was cooked, I
tossed in a handful of baby spinach to finish it off!
At this point someone ran into the kitchen to tell me
It smells like Olive Garden in here, without the crowd!
But... After a quick taste, he corrected himself!
And apologized... Saying this was much, So much
better than anything we've ever had at Olive Garden!
Of course... I couldn't argue with him!
If summer's being shy where you are, try this recipe... I
promise you won't miss grilling your dinner one bit!


  1. Looks tasty! Maiden name totally rocking too since I logged in with my google account lol.

  2. I love one pot meals like this and don't blame you a bit for adding the extra tomatoes. They are so good right now!

  3. This looks like heaven in a pot. I so wish I could get my husband to eat seafood. He will only eat tuna. Maybe if I make this he will like the smells and give it a try, eh?

    Thanks for sharing it.

    Hope your Summer is going well.


    Cottage Making Mommy


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