Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blueberry Cobbler {Thanks to Wish Farms and Dixie Crystals #FWCON}

As you know, last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the
Food and Wine Conference in Orlando, presented by
For nearly three days I watched Isabel pour every ounce of herself
into this conference... She gave so unselfishly and, I was truly inspired
by her generosity of spirit and the passion she shared with all of us!
Although it would be impossible to choose a favorite sponsor since
there were so many that spoiled us rotten... I must say that today I'm
loving the girls from Wish Farms just a little bit extra for these
beautiful, fresh blueberries they insisted I take home with me!
I have never worked harder to ensure
fresh berries made it back home with me!
Because I had a cobbler recipe just waiting for them!
Remember what I said when we made peach cobbler together...
Forget the non-stick spray and butter your baking dish! Also,
when I make cobblers, I always mix together a little Dixie Crystals
brown sugar and cinnamon to dust the bottom of my dish!
Add the blueberries!
And cover with 3.5 tablespoons of Dixie Crystals white sugar!
Pour in the orange juice!
Cream together your butter and 1/2 cup sugar...
Then beat in the egg and vanilla extract or paste. I prefer
vanilla paste since this cobbler crust is inspired by my cookies!
Fold in flour and baking powder and combine...
Don't over-mix... Just until it comes together like this!
Drop by spoonfuls over berries...
Covering them almost completely...
Then, smooth your topping just a bit...
And bake in a 375 degree, preheated oven for 35-40 minutes!
Or just until cobbler is golden brown!
Serve warm... With ice cream, of course!
After this plate returned to the kitchen completely clean...
I was told, I know this sounds goofy... but
your cobbler was so good I almost cried!

Trust me... This is one cobbler you'll want to make right away and again and again!


  1. That top crust recipe will be going into my binder, for sure. Who could pass up a cookie-inspired topper for cobbler?!

  2. Perfect! What's not to love about Blueberry Cobbler? My Dad loves everything blueberry so I'm thanking you in advance for this WONDERFUL Recipe! Thanks for the great photos and step by step instructions! You make it all so doable!!!!


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