Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Cookies and... a big Oui, Sugar! Announcement!

Wishing you Love, Luck, skies full of Rainbows and pots filled with Gold!
But before we talk about cookies, I'm delighted to tell you that...
That's right! My dear friend David and I called up our favorite movers, packed up
all of our Sweet and Good Things and relocated our on-line stores to etsy!
I believe etsy's artisan community is the perfect platform from which to
offer my cookie decorating supplies, as well as the vintage treasures I
am able to source for you at antique shops and the estate sales I attend!
And, just as with any Grand Opening, David and I have added lots of new and fun
products to our stores too! I think David has outdone himself putting together a
gorgeous collection of antique cake stands as well as vintage Fireking. He's
even offering collectible Bonne and Martha by Mail cookie cutter sets too!
You might want to hurry over to Heritage Home by David at etsy because I
cannot imagine that a collection of goodies like that will last very long at all!
Speaking of goodies... It's St. Patrick's Day, which is another sweet reason to
break out David's Heirloom sugar cookie recipe and my Royal Icing!
Seeing the Rainbow of new Hanes ComfortSoft
t-shirts at the Dream-job last week inspired me!
Inspired me to create sweet rainbows of my own... Shamrock Rainbows, that is!
By the way, speaking of great colors...
That kitchen cart I ordered from Ikea finally arrived and it is just as
handy as I thought it might be! I pulled it right into my baking pantry,
loaded it up with everything I needed and rolled it right into the kitchen!
Aside from shamrock rainbows, moving trucks and logo cookies...
I also created Snowmen!
Why snowman cookies, you ask? Because a few weeks ago, Hani of Haniela's
introduced me to Michelle and her amazing blog, MakeMeCakeMe where I
spotted the cutest cure for the same old St. Patrick's Day cookies I usually make!
Besides, someone needs to point Mother Nature in the right direction...
And, turning snowman cookies into Leprechaun Girls seems as good
a way as any to remind her that Spring is long overdue and... Expected!
If you haven't discovered Michelle's blog yet, I urge you to drop everything
and check it out here. Seriously! I am always so inspired by how many creative
and unique designs Michelle is able to pull out of one shape! So, let's break out
my Oui, Sugar! Decorating kit and turn these snowmen into Leppie-Girls!
Because, whilst the boys slept off last night's
fun, these Leprechaun girls were up early...
Following shamrock rainbows to collect all the gold at the end of each one!
Working quickly, they stuffed handfuls of gold into every pocket...
And, even under their pretty hats!
Finally, after every piece of gold was collected, they all
dashed off to shop the one-day sale at Neiman's - Ha!
Now that St. Patrick's Day is here, it is time to begin thinking about
our Easter and Spring baking... And, if you want to create cookies like I
do, I know you'll find the following products from my etsy shop helpful:
I meant to tell you earlier that what I'm busy baking up to share with
you here is usually posted to the Oui, Sugar! Facebook page first...
So I hope you'll pop over and, Like It soon!
I also hope that you will...
And, always know just how much your support of my little venture means to me!



  1. Good going with those wonderful cookies you decorated!!!!! I love the rainbow shamrocks and the adorable leprechaun girls!!! Too cute!

    By the way, I have to tell you, that moving company you recommended did a phenomenal job of moving my merchandise over to Etsy. Thanks bunches!! :)

    And now I think I need to create some colorful cookies to usher in spring.

    All the best to our Etsy stores!

    1. Thank you, dear friend! I especially love the Leprechaun girls too - Michelle is incredibly creative and I'm just happy I was able to duplicate her design!

      You are more than welcome for the recommendation of the moving company - You're so stinkin' cute!

      Hey! What are you still doing here... Hop to the kitchen - you have Spring cookies to make!

  2. What a fantastic post! Of course, I love your Leppie-Girls (and their super cute nickname!), but I'm smitten with your rainbow of clovers. So colorful, fun, and creative! Awesome idea!! Congrats on your move to Etsy and wishing you lots of Irish luck ;)

    1. Oh, Michelle! Having you visit my blog today is a sweet treat I won't soon forget - Thank you!

      Thank you for your kind comment and thank you again (always!) for everything you do to inspire me and other cookiers like me!

      Wishing you continued success and perfect health always!


  3. Love those rainbow shamrocks!

    1. Hi, Anne! Thank you so much! It always thrills me to know you're reading along!!



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