Saturday, March 22, 2014

Persistence Pays Off for the Birds!

Three years ago, I purchased this birdhouse from a sweet woman having
a sale out of the barn on her property. Of all the wonderful antiques she
offered, this birdhouse was the thing I wanted most! Purple and white, so I
immediately called it my K-State Victorian Birdhouse. It was a must-have!
After she took my money, the woman said to me, If you like birdhouses, you
really should see the one in my front yard. So I followed her around to the
driveway and, there it was! Oh, I asked... But it was not for sale! However, the
woman did tell me that the craftsman who made this birdhouse for her also
made a second one just like it. So I immediately asked, Where is it, and how
do we make it mine? The answer was that the match to this birdhouse was at
her son Todd's and she wasn't sure if he would ever part with it. However...
As fate would have it, Todd turned out to be Todd Leinbach, an auctioneer
we've been following around for years! In fact, we attend just about every
auction his company has in our area! As soon as I made the connection, the
pestering began! Every auction we attended, I'd make a special point to
remind Todd I was still interested in the birdhouse his mom told me he
had in storage. And then, I waited. And, waited... And, I waited some more!
I nearly gave up! In fact, I bought several other birdhouses trying
to substitute for the bird house I really wanted. The one Todd had!
And then, two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Leinbach auctions
inviting us to attend their next auction. I'd never replied to their e-mails
before but this time, I did! I wrote: Dear Todd, still very interested in that
birdhouse you have, so anytime you're ready to sell please let me know!
And... Todd wrote back! He said, $300 and the birdhouse is yours! Do tell...
Doesn't it look pretty here in our front yard? I think it was worth the wait!
Of course, after sitting in Todd's garage under a tarp for
all these years the copper roof needed a bit of polish!
Nothing a little Twinkle couldn't handle though!
Of course, after I finished, the man I love said he preferred
the old patina more. What about you, which look do you prefer?
I love that I can see my new birdhouse from our master bedroom! I've
already seen bluebirds sitting on their gorgeous new wrap-around porch!
And, look! Mother Nature is already at work on the new patina!
Birds and new Birdhouses for Spring... I think they're a really Good Thing!


  1. Janet that birdhouse was definitely worth the wait. I'm hoping this year we can finally start landscaping our property. I am soooo looking forward to your garden pictures this year after such a rough Winter.


    Cottage Making Mommy

    1. I think so too, Valerie, thank you! It's snowing here today (03/25) so I'm afraid Spring is really making us wait this year!


  2. Beautiful Janet!! I hope that the birds appreciate the fact that you make sure that their homes are as beautiful as yours are!!!!! xx

    1. How kind of you to say, Amy - Thank you!


  3. LOVE that birdhouse! I'm going to stop sending my husband to auctions and go myself, I guess!

  4. Your Tweet tweet cookies look fabulous! Thanks for bringing them 'round again for us all to enjoy! Just LOVE those Birdie Houses!
    Love your amazing Bird House Story........Please tell Todd he can make one for me too...........I be happy to wait and wait and wait for one of those beauties!
    Saw my first bluebirds of the season this morning! They were out in my Lilac bushes singing away! Spring must be close....although we had a few more inches of snow on Tuesday!


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