Saturday, July 27, 2013

When Martha by Mail Copper Cookie Cutters Find You!

I am always on the look-out for vintage Martha by Mail cookie cutters to
add to my collection. The list of reasons I love them is a very long, long list!
Each time Army dad and I walk into an antique shop, the last thing I do
before we wander off in different directions is remind him to scream if
he happens to notice any copper cookie cutters. Of course, I've yet to
hear him scream because I usually cover the entire inventory of the
shop before he finishes examining a handful of dusty old books!
Being unable to drive or stand since a tear in my Achilles was diagnosed, I
never dreamed I would find cookie cutters during my convalescence...
However, a note left with one of the guys at a local antique shop about my
interest in them caught the eye of one of the vendors last week... Someone
who happened to buy a storage locker containing a treasure trove of cutters!
When he called to ask if I would be interested in taking a look at them
before he put them out for sale, I couldn't say YES and PLEASE fast
enough. Of course, I gave him cookies to show my appreciation too!
Most of the cutters were vintage giant copper cutters!
Sadly, many of these cutters are duplicates for shapes I already own!
I picked out the cutters I intend to keep and create cookies with but
decided to share the rest with other collectors through e-Bay. I am
hoping this will help fund future cookie cutter expeditions I have
planned in my quest to complete my Martha by Mail collection!
Of the shapes I didn't have... I especially like this crescent moon. It's
different than my Martha by Mail moon since it features a star tip!
Oh! And, how about this giant Gnome? Dani Fiori of Sweet Dani B
brought gnome cookies back in the cutest way! Have you seen her
darling Gnome couple? You can see Dani decorate sweet Gnomi here!
Fortunately, Dani partnered with so they offer a
collection of her Sweet Dani B cutters; including Dani's Gnomes!
No, I don't think this chubby witch cutter resembles me, thank you very
much! But yes... There was icing on the cookie cutters that found me!
And, it came in the form of this fantastic, yet sadly incomplete set of
Martha by Mail Evergreen trees. You can see my complete set here!
These cutters were found loose, without box. But do have the decorating booklet!
After locating the Evergreen cookie cutters, I noticed these Martha by Mail
leaves cutters were in the box too! Again, the set is not complete but
did come with its decorating card. As you know from this post, I
already own this set so it will also be put up for sale!
What will not be for sale is this last set I found in the box!!
Yes!! At the very bottom of the box was a very perfect and a very
complete Martha by Mail Blooming Flower cutter set! I still cannot
get over the fact that it is finally part of my beloved collection. There
was no box and I still need the decorating card for it... But that's okay!
The final treat my wonderful treasure hunter delivered is
this set of 13 Martha by Mail copper wall hooks. I mean...
For as much as we collectors of vintage Martha by Mail cookie cutters
pay for them... We may as well display them to admire all the time!
Don't you just love it when treasures find you? To me,
all this copper goodness feels like pennies from heaven!


  1. How awesome! As collectors, it's great when we find something we've been looking for.

  2. Amy @ Love Made My HomeJuly 27, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    Hello Janet

    Lovely to read a post from you again, looks like you have been very busy in cookie cutter heaven. Sorting and checking and generally having copper coloured fun!

    Sorry that your achillies is not better yet, if I were closer I would come over and cheer you up, but it is a long way from England!!

    Hope that you get better soon and have fun catching the last cutters for your collection once you have made your sales.

    Take care of yourself.


  3. What a treasure! That odd cutter looks like an oak leaf to me, at first glance. Good luck with your mystery.
    I'm so sad about your tendon being so stubborn to heal. I am happy you have that glorious pool to float your gorgeous self, however!
    The cookies I am most anxious to see you create are the flowers. Are the possibilities not endless?!

  4. Your must be in copper cookie cutter heaven! :)

  5. I have no copper cookie cutters (only plastic here) but I feel like I need to be on the look out for them next time I'm out!


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