Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tiffany & Co. Trinket Boxes

I couldn't wait to get home from work tonight after Army Dad
called to say that some of my presents e-Bay purchases arrived!
Now, I usually avoid theme decorating, but ever since I found the
map and the lighted globes I used in the living room re-do, I have
been keeping my eyes peeled for other mappy-globie things. And, 
Tiffany's... Well, no explanation needed for wanting that! Right?
Don't you love it when something is bigger and prettier than you expected? I have to
say... I've always had great luck with e-Bay, but these two purchases just knocked my
socks off! The large box comes from a lovely woman selling items from her recently
deceased mother-in-law's estate, and she just couldn't have been nicer to deal with!
The smaller trinket box comes from a sweet lady in Texas, and both of these ladies
couldn't have gone more out of their way to ensure safe arrival, and my happiness!
Both are for Tiffany & Co. The large trinket box was
made in France, and the smaller one is said to be rare!
Either way, decorating with high-quality, vintage finds is my
favorite way to add treasures to our home. I'll have none of that,
mass-produced, Made in China crap... Thank you very much!
Now, please excuse me while I make a phone call... Because if mom likes
them, then I'll be off to e-Bay to hopefully find her a couple just like them!


  1. They are beautiful! Good luck with finding two more as I'm sure your Mom is in love with them!

  2. LOVE eBay! It's like the world's biggest garage sale....

  3. Thank you, Paula! I've already purchased the same large box for mom - There was a seller that had it listed Buy-it-Now for $40 plus $12 shipping. It's a little more than I paid for mine, but my mom is worth it and so is this piece!

  4. FPS - You are sooo right! And best of all, we can shop in our jammies!


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