Sunday, September 11, 2011

King Arthur's Lemon Magic Cakes

I don't often use baking mixes; however, when I
do there are certain standards which must be met... 
Fortunately, baking mixes from King Arthur Flour exceeds them all!
Several weeks ago I placed an order for lots of baking supply goodies...
 Plus, some really great baking mixes I've wanted to try for a while...
 Today, it's Lemon Magic Cakes!
 I chose the deal which includes these cute silicone
baking cups. Because it's impossible to resist a rainbow!
 These cakes couldn't be more simple, which is true of most King Arthur Flour
baking mixes. Mix a little softened butter with the cake mix, add a couple of
eggs, a little milk and fill your cups half way. The magic sauce comes together
just as easily. A bit of melted butter and water mixed with the sauce packet...
 And, there ya go!
Funny how the least filled cup is always the one to run over!
Which is fine since a little run-over begs to be nibbled from the edge!
Now for a little magic... 
Oh, my!
Only a King Arthur Flour baking mix could turn out a
cake that smells and tastes like a fresh-squeezed lemon!
I'll be placing an order for a few more of these mixes first thing tomorrow!
I'll have to leave you now... But only because I find it difficult to
continue with my eyeballs rolled up into the back of my head! 


  1. I've read on other blogs that KA cake mixes are excellent and among the *healthier* of box mixes. Those lemon cakes look fantastic and I love your rainbow cuppies!

  2. Those look amazing!

    Awesome to hear you're on board for the challenge, do you have a particular blog you'd like linked up for it, or is this one OK? I'll be putting up a list of participants later this week, after that they'll be a linky thing you check in with once a week.

  3. I'm right there with you lady. I love King Arthur baking mixes. I haven't tried the lemon cakes, but you've sold me!


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